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4 steps to connecting

4 Easy Steps to Immediately Connect with ANY Prospect in Sales

Would you like to build more trust with your prospects in order to close more sales? In this powerful video, learn the 4 Easy Steps to Immediately Connect with ANY Prospect in Sales. Connection is one of THE keys to closing more sales and ultimately becoming a trusted advisor to your clients.

Connecting with Prospects

Three Steps to Connect With Any Prospect

Building rapport with prospects is what all sales trainers have told us to do for years, yet it simply doesn’t go deep enough. If we want to stand out from the crowd of salespeople all looking to build rapport, we must actually build a deep and meaningful connection with our prospects. Learn exactly how to build that connect in this short article.

Sales presentation tips

Three Signs You’re Presenting Too Soon

Have you ever wondered whether you were presenting too soon in the sales process? Most salespeople are guilty of the error and it can wreak havoc on your ability to close sales. Learn the three signs that you are presenting too early and then how to avoid them.

Five Steps to Outstanding Initial Sales Meetings

Five Steps to Outstanding Initial Sales Meetings

So you’ve set a meeting with a prospect—now what do you do? If you conduct an outstanding initial meeting, you are infinitely more likely to ultimately close the sale. Learn these five steps to ensuring that your initial sales meetings run smoothly and lead to closed sales.

Host Your Own Sales Speaker Event

How to Host Your Own Event to Attract Prospects

The single best way to attract geographically local prospects to your product or service is through hosting and event. Learn exactly what you must do in order to host a massively successful event that will attract the top prospects in your area.

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Prospecting Is About the Campaign

Traditional prospecting strategies include calling on prospects a couple of times before giving up. However, in a time when prospects are being bombarded by salespeople from all angles, you must use a prospecting campaign to even get through to your prospect. Learn how to use a campaign to get through more often.

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The Updated Approach to Connecting with Prospects

In the old days, we were told to build ‘rapport’ with prospects simply by finding commonalities. This worked to some degree but the problem today is that it is both predictable and only builds a surface level connection. In order to truly bring down the barriers of the prospect, you must connect on a more deep level. Learn the updated approach to connecting with all of your prospects in order to close many more sales.

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Three Questions You Must Ask to Get Your Prospects Talking

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your prospects talking about their situation without the right question asked at the beginning of a selling interaction. That is why we need some go-to questions that we can ask to immediately get our prospect talking. Learn three easy questions that you can ask to get your prospects yapping.

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How to Connect with Prospects to Close More Sales – Video

This video shows you three simple steps to use in order to connect on a deeper level with prospects and close many more sales. Created by Marc Wayshak, author of the book Game Plan Selling.

How to dress for sales meetings

How to Dress for Sales Meetings

Many salespeople have no idea how to dress for sales meetings. Luckily, this short video lays out exactly what you need to know about dressing for sales in any industry.