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Why Prospects Push Back on Price, Give 'Think-It-Overs,' and Ghost in Sales Until They Meet a Sales Superstar Who Is Following These 5 Simple Keys

We're a team of bona fide sales nerds, obsessed with getting world-class results for our clients.

2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.
Our mission is to improve the quality of sales strategy in a marketplace that demands excellence in order to succeed.

Our team is committed to leveraging all available sales data to understand what really works in today's sales world—and then help our clients achieve amazing results like these…


Matt Bauman went from closing one in ten sales to closing two out of three in only a month.


Jonathan Meyers increased his close ratio by 80% and set 7 new appointments in a week after only one course.


Tiffany Torres used the Sales Insights process for prospecting and increased her business's sales by 271%.

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Discover a selling system that can be used every single time with every single prospect to close far more sales.
  • Never again feel like you have to resort to outdated, high-pressure, cheesy sales tactics.
  • Develop a prospecting strategy that provides a consistent flow of high-quality leads every single day.
  • Join a community where like-minded salespeople and business owners can exchange ideas and get direct coaching and accountability.
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The Sales Insights MethodTM

8. Engage


Demonstrate Insight

Leverage your understanding to engage high-level prospects in conversations focused on what they care most about.


Disqualify Weak Leads

Disqualify prospects through systematic questions to ensure you only spend time with the right people.


Solve Problems

Don't present, but rather demonstrate that your offering is able to solve your prospects' most critical challenges.


Clear Next Steps

Hold the entire process together with a sales pipeline designed to ensure you're never chasing or following up on prospects.


Prospecting Blueprint

Develop a campaign that reliably and predictably generates the exact number of sales appointments you need.

As a Sales Insights Lab member, you will master an A-to-Z system that dramatically boosts sales, increasing your personal income and enabling you to achieve your professional and personal goals.

"In the Accelerator program, within the first month, I took my closing rate from less than 10% to about 60%, which is a huge difference!"

"It's been about two months that I've taken the course and it's already paid for itself. It's allowed me to find new ways to create value, and I just found out last week that I won an award for our summer sales contest for highest orders sold. If you want to be better at sales, I highly recommend working with Marc."

"Within a month and a half of starting my own agency, I was already generating $17K recurring revenue and seeing on average 20 to 30 appointments a week based on everything I learned in Sales Insights Lab."

"I went from a 10% close ratio, and within four months to now being more selective, but closing 100% of what's in my pipeline."

Meet the Sales Insights Lab Experts

2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.

Marc Wayshak

Founder, Sales Speaker & Published Author

Marc is our Sales-Guru-in-Chief, practicing a data-driven, science-based approach to selling that utilizes all the best tools available to sales organizations today.

Marc is a contributor to Inc, HubSpot, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post Business. He also hosts a popular YouTube channel on sales strategy with over 103,000 subscribers.

He is the best-selling author of three books on sales and leadership, including the highly acclaimed titles Game Plan Selling, The High-Velocity Sales Organization and his forthcoming book, Sales Conversations, Mastered.

Marc holds an MBA from the University of Oxford and a BA in social sciences from Harvard University.

In his free time, Marc is an avid kiteboarder, rugby player, and world traveler.

Chris Gillespie

Teams Sales Strategist

Chris manages the Lab's teams program, working directly with our prospective clients to clarify their sales vision and strategize a plan for successful selling. He identifies like-minded sales-focused organizations to join our powerful teams program. 

Before joining the Lab team, Chris was one of the first client members of the Accelerator program. Prior to that, Chris enjoyed a long career as a Captain in the Army Special Forces, finishing his service with a post in the US Army Materiel Command, assigned to Army Logistics. He then transitioned to a 10-year career in the heavy-haul transportation industry, rising from sales rep to lead manager of a team of 20 direct-reporting salespeople.

In his spare time, Chris helps his wife, Tanya, run her self-defense training school, TOKKAN. Their primary focus is to empower battered women and bullied kids to learn non-contact self-defense to immobilize the attacker, through a mixture of Aikido and unique military, hand-to-hand, and close-quarter-combat techniques.

Chris and his wife share their home with four dogs, including a 10-year-old Arctic Wolf rescue, two Chihuahuas, and a Golden Retriever puppy

Tiffany Torres

Head Coach

As the Sales Insights Lab’s head coach, Tiffany works directly with members to help them achieve their own success with the Lab's strategies. She runs coaching meetings, actively leads participation in the Lab Forum, and conducts role-play / office hours meetings.

Outside of the Lab, Tiffany is an entrepreneur and business owner who has spent over two decades at the helm of her own digital marketing companies. As a business leader, she loves innovating and problem-solving. As co-founder of the Preschool Marketing Group, Tiffany works with preschools and early childhood education centers to leverage marketing to grow enrollment.

The Sales Insights Lab was key to opening new doors for her own business growth, and the opportunity to help even more clients achieve their goals. In addition to entrepreneurship and sales coaching, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her husband, who is also her business partner, and their two children.

Stephanie Mann

Chief Content Officer

Stephanie is in charge of content strategy at the Lab. She's the author of two books on business communications and her writing has been featured in The Huffington Post,, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., and other top publications.

Stephanie holds a BA in English from Vanderbilt University and an MA in writing from Emerson College, where she was a Presidential Fellow. Before joining the Lab, she founded a content strategy firm and consulted for dozens of companies as a communications specialist over the past 10 years.

When she's not crafting sales content or training modules for the Lab, Stephanie loves to cook gourmet meals, read sci-fi novels, and do vinyasa yoga. She's also a frequent world traveler—Amsterdam is her favorite city so far.

Mike Ashdown

Accelerator Program Sales Strategist

Mike manages admissions into our exclusive Lab Accelerator Program. He handles all stages of prospecting conversations, both reaching out directly to potential clients to assess their potential fit for our Strategy Sessions, as well as handling the strategy sessions themselves as the final stage of our process before admission into our program.

Before becoming a member of the Accelerator Coaching program himself, he had a rich history in the manufacturing industry with a brief stint in engineering, in which he was formally educated, before embarking on his career in Sales. The bulk of his professional career has been spent in the Detroit Metropolitan area, the epicenter of the Automotive industry, a fitting locale for his time in Induction Heating and Machining.

His spare time is spent in the local latin dance community - although he does enjoy traveling and feels dance is the ultimate way to experience new places and to make new friends. He also has a cat named Boomer - who is, in fact, the light of his life.

Sabrina Gunn

Operations Manager

Sabrina is the Lab's resident data guru and director of operations. She keeps everything running smoothly and ahead of schedule.

Sabrina's career path twisted and turned through a variety of diverse positions and clientele prior to her role as our Operations Manager. Never one to bow down from a challenge, she's a fearless multi-tasker and jill-of-all-trades.

Sabrina is a proud perfectionist who loves organization, data, and solving complex problems. She graduated summa cum laude with a BA in communication studies from the University of San Francisco.

In her spare time, Sabrina is a voracious reader and traveler who dreams of living abroad again after spending three years in Scotland. When she's not reading or jetting across the world, you can find her playing with her British Shorthair, Elphie.

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