Crush your sales goals with a data-driven sales methodology that delivers proven results

Our cutting-edge training program provides you with all the tools, mentorship, and coaching you need to get amazing results and blow past your sales targets.

2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.
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The Accelerator is designed for committed salespeople who are ready to solve these problems...
  • You're not closing as many deals as you know you should be. Too many of your prospects disappear to think it over, and then you never hear from them again.

  • You don't feel like you're reaching the right people. You're not getting enough meetings, and the ones you do get often don't go anywhere.

  • You're swimming upstream. You're insanely busy but it never gets you any closer to the kind of life you really want.

  • You've read sales books, picked the brains of your friends and colleagues, looked into cheesy, outdated sales methods, and nothing seems to help you hit your sales targets.

You need a selling method that can predictably increase your sales, and mentorship to hold you accountable, so that you can finally stop chasing after prospects and start creating wealth.

This data-driven selling methodology will send your sales through the roof.

2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.

The Sales Insights Method can be used every single time with every single prospect to close far more sales, even in today's unstable marketplace.

So many people from our community have asked for our help to implement Marc Wayshak's system that we created an exclusive mentorship program for business owners and salespeople who are ready to invest in their own success.

Our coaches will show you how to leverage a proven selling methodology that never requires stooping to cheesy or manipulative sales tactics. And we'll help you develop a prospecting strategy that provides new, high-quality leads every single day.

The Accelerator Lab offers behind-the-scenes strategies to help you crush your sales goals, direct mentorship from Marc and his team of coaches, and membership in a community of like-minded business owners and salespeople, to exchange ideas and get direct feedback and accountability.

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"In the Accelerator program, within the first month, I took my closing rate from less than 10% to about 60%, which is a huge difference!"

"We've had a 271% increase in sales. I knew we could do better. I wasn't sure how to get there. The Accelerator program turned out to be the missing link."

"Within a month and a half of starting my own agency, I was already generating $17K recurring revenue and seeing on average 20 to 30 appointments a week based on everything I learned in Sales Insights Lab."

"I had no structure whatsoever...The program has been a gamechanger! We've tripled in size, I'm really enjoying my job in sales, and now we're getting ready to scale up even more!"

This program is for people who...

  • Want to generate sales opportunities in a predictable way.
  • Understand that generating wealth isn't just about more sales, but also higher prices.
  • Know they can and should make way more money than they are right now

This is NOT for people who...

  • Are not committed to mastering sales.
  • Need their hand held every step of the way.
  • Resist change or focus on what isn't working.
  • Are satisfied where they are now. We only invest our energy in people who are hungry to increase sales in a major way.
I have way more confidence!

"I really was needing confidence. I have a lot more confidence, even though I've been in sales for years. I'm setting way more meetings and the VP of Sales is asking me what I'm doing!"

"It's been about two months that I've taken the course and it's already paid for itself. It's allowed me to find new ways to create value, and I just found out last week that I won an award for our summer sales contest for highest orders sold. If you want to be better at sales, I highly recommend working with Marc."

"I went from a 10% close ratio, and within four months to now being more selective, but closing 100% of what's in my pipeline."

"A lot of these techniques are really useful in B2C. I started the program six months ago...for in-home sales, I am now on a more than 80% conversion rate and my average deal size went up by 25%!"

"Phenomenal once you see it in real time. Immediately on signing up, I already learned something. Immediately, I sold 4 out of 5 of my next demos."

"I only did like 30% of all the training. But, I had a 150% achievement of my quota and just got promoted to the executive board. There's still 70% of content to go through to elevate me to a new level!"

We're looking for dream clients who are 100% committed, who we can help to get massive results.

2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.

If we're going to invest our energy in you, we need to know you're a strong fit for our community. That's why the first step is to book a strategy session.  Admissions to the Accelerator Lab are selective because the power of this community can either pull everyone up or pull everyone down.

We want to connect with you if you are...

  • Ready to invest in the ultimate shortcut to your sales goals.
  • Willing to do the work and not looking for a done-for-you service.
  • Able to do whatever it takes to achieve your true dreams in life.

You'll learn a proven process for generating sales opportunities at a predictable rate, converting those leads into sales, maximizing every opportunity, and taking clear steps every day to move that sales needle so that you can get to where you need to be.

You need skin in the game to get results. We're not cheap, but most members recover their investment after their first few sales, then they stay in the program because they're getting undeniable benefits.

If you're serious about crushing your sales targets, apply now!

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Step 1

Book a 45-minute Strategy Session

Gain clarity on the next steps to get to where you want to be and learn if we can help.

Step 2

Join the Accelerator Lab Program

If it's a good fit, we'll extend an invitation to join our training community.

Our calendars fill up quickly and admissions regularly close down. This is a rare opportunity to join the Accelerator Lab. We have space for a few ideal clients who are ready to take action.