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In sales, top performers don’t just sell—they serve as trusted advisors to their clients.

But being a sales superstar is relatively rare: only a small slice of salespeople are actually considered trusted advisors by their clients, and a whopping 63% of salespeople behave in ways that drive down their sales performance.

Where do you fit in?

Regardless of your answer today, you can start selling like a superstar—and become a true trusted advisor to your prospects and clients—if you simply commit to a few key changes in your selling strategy.

Over the years, I’ve developed a powerful motivational sales speech that teaches you what you need to know to become that trusted advisor—and blow past your goals in sales.

Here, I’m about to share the most effective strategies from this popular motivational sales speech that I give to audiences around the world, so you can start the process of becoming a superstar today.

In this video, I’m going to show you the 6 most powerful tips from my motivational sales speech to get you fired up with a brand new outlook on your career in sales. Check it out:

1. You’re in control of customer loyalty.

1. You’re in control of customer loyalty.

This comes first because it’s one of the most empowering ideas in my motivational sales speech.

Did you know that the data shows that a full 50% of customer loyalty is based purely on the client’s relationship with you, the salesperson?

This point needs very little explanation.

As salespeople, we’re constantly making excuses about why clients walk away, or why prospects don’t do business with us. But at the end of the day, customer loyalty is much more in your control than you think.

With this empowering fact in mind, let’s move on to the ways you can make sure you’re selling the right way to connect on the deepest possible level with your prospects—and get them to stick around.

2. Don’t listen to opinions—only data.

2. Don’t listen to opinions—only data.

How many times have you heard conflicting information from different salespeople about what would help you close the sale?

How many books have you read on sales that told you to do things you just knew weren’t going to work?

There’s an astounding level of mystification around what leads to success in sales. As a result, salespeople are bombarded by misinformation and misguided opinions from every angle.

What’s worse, the vast majority of these sales opinions are incredibly outdated.

In my motivational sales speech, I tell the story about how when I first started selling, I relied on sales books to teach me how to sell. At the time, they seemed amazing.

But there are two key challenges to these sales books that show what’s wrong with “traditional selling” today:

One, they’re essentially all opinion and there’s very little data to support most of the assertions in books like these.

Two, which is just as important, the average copyright of these books is 1980.

Don’t make the mistake of relying on opinions—whether they’re from outdated sales books or blogs, or other salespeople who think they’ve got it figured out.

Instead, seek out hard facts and data to guide your selling approach.

3. Ditch the enthusiasm and the pitch.

3. Ditch the enthusiasm and the pitch.

“Would you like to know the ultimate two-step process to making sure that a prospect or client never wants to hear from you again?”

When I ask this question of audiences during my motivational sales speech, I get some confused looks and some laughter. But then I share the answer:

1) Come in with lots of enthusiasm when you meet with a client or prospect.

2) Pitch the hell out of that client or prospect, talking about all the great features and benefits of your service, your offering, or your product, and how it’s so much better than the competition.

This is traditional selling at its worst.

Today, top-performing sales reps aren’t enthusiastic and they don’t pitch.

As a result, they’re becoming increasingly successful while average and poor-performing salespeople fall off the radar—and that trend is only accelerating.

Simply put, the best salespeople today understand that they should be disqualifying prospects, rather than trying to persuade or convince them to do business.

The reality is that at least half of the people you come across aren’t going to be a good fit for doing business with you.

So ditch the enthusiasm and the pitch when you sell, and instead focus on disqualification.

4. Avoid objections in the first place.

4. Avoid objections in the first place.

There’s so much advice out there about how to overcome objections in sales. But in truth, the real question is how to avoid those objections in the first place.

This is key to selling like a superstar, and that’s why I talk about this in my motivational sales speech.

What you want to do is avoid those objections in the first place by asking really good questions to understand what prospects are looking for, so you can provide a solution that’s exactly what they need.

If you’ve done a good job, there are no objections back and forth.

There is no arm wrestling.

There’s simply so much value in your solution that your prospect can’t say no, and doesn’t even think about raising objections.

5. Ask more big-picture questions.

5. Ask more big-picture questions.

The data shows that top-performing salespeople ask about twice as many business-related questions as average performers.

We’re not talking about top performers versus salespeople who are failing. We’re talking about top performers versus salespeople that are making an average living selling.

And those top performers—those salespeople who are at the high end of that curve—are asking big-picture questions.

Big-picture questions are what make us money as salespeople.

Big-picture questions create value.

Ask questions that give you a clear big picture of who the prospect is, what they need, what challenges they face, and how much a solution would be worth.

6. Don’t waste time on unqualified prospects.

6. Don’t waste time on unqualified prospects.

Today’s top salespeople spend the majority of their time in front of qualified customers. The only way that’s possible is because, when they come across someone who they determine is not qualified, they move on right way.

So when someone asks, “Why should I do business with you?” respond with, “You know what? I really appreciate your asking me that question and quite frankly, at this point in the conversation, I’m not sure that you should. Would it be okay if I just ask some questions to see if we are in fact a fit?”

The prospect expects you to put the pressure on, to start persuading and convincing. But if you do that, you’re potentially wasting your time on an unqualified prospect.

So instead, take the pressure off.

You don’t know if that prospect is a fit. You don’t know if that prospect’s has a problem you can fix. You don’t know if that prospect has the money to pay for your offering.

motivational sales speech

Before you waste your time trying to sell to that prospect, find out the answers to all of those questions. And if the answers tell you it’s not a good fit, move on right away.

So, there you have it. Now you know 6 powerful tips from my most popular motivational sales speech. I want to hear from you. Which of these ideas got you the most fired up? Be sure to share below in the comment section to get involved in the conversation.

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