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Motivational Sales Speakers – When most salespeople first start selling, they’re focused on selling as much as they can. With this mindset, the focus is on the frequency of sales—not sale size. But in order to reach their full selling potential, all salespeople must eventually start focusing on closing larger sales. It’s a daunting change for those who feel comfortable making smaller sales to familiar, low-level prospects.

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As one of the top motivational sales speakers, Marc Wayshak is regular contributor to Inc, HubSpot, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post Business. He serves as one of the premiere motivational sales speakers to audiences around the world over 100 times per year.

Motivational sales speakers can be the key to helping salespeople make this leap to closing massive sales. With the right inspiration and strategies from motivational sales speakers, any sales team can quickly transform the way they sell, and learn how to close really large sales with bigger prospects.

In fact, salespeople in every industry can start to close far bigger deals by following just a few simple tips from motivational sales speakers:

Motivational Sales Speakers Tip #1: Dig deeply into challenges.

Most salespeople believe that selling conversations are an opportunity to focus on selling their offering. They couldn’t be more wrong. The best motivational sales speakers teach salespeople that they should focus on discovering and understanding their prospects’ deepest frustrations instead.

Your salespeople must start asking questions to understand what’s going on in their prospects’ organizations, including what solutions they’ve already tried, and what isn’t working. As motivational sales speakers know, prospects’ answers to these questions will reveal extremely valuable information. That information will ultimately prepare your salespeople to present their solution in a more compelling way.

In the end, your sales team can create more value for offerings when they know more about their prospects—and walk away with much bigger sales. There’s no need to rush this discovery process. Sometimes, salespeople need to dig for over an hour in order to fully understand their prospects’ key challenges.

Motivational Sales Speakers Tip #2: Define the delta.

The delta is the difference between where prospects are now and where they would like to be. Top motivational sales speakers like Marc Wayshak understand that identifying this gap is crucial to closing huge sales with massive companies. When your salespeople are in a meeting with a prospect who needs what they sell, they should simply ask, “If you were able to solve these challenges, what do you think that would mean in additional revenues?”

Motivational Sales SpeakersThe prospect might, for example, respond that the right solution would easily mean $10 million more in revenues. In this case, that one question will have created massive value, because the prospect openly acknowledged that a solution—potentially your company’s solution—is worth a whopping $10 million in revenues.

Motivational Sales Speakers Tip #3: Get a budget.

After salespeople establish massive value for their solution, it’s time to get a budget. Running off to create a proposal without one could easily cost your team the sale. On the one hand, if the proposal is too low, the prospect might disqualify the sales offering as too small to be a serious solution—or they may take the deal, but your sales team would miss out on serious profits. On the other hand, if the proposal is too high, that mistake might cost your sales team the sale as well.

To protect themselves on both ends, your salespeople should ask, “What would you invest in order to solve these challenges?” It might take some back and forth, but they’ll be able to establish a budget before they ever even discuss your solution. Then, when your salespeople come back to present the proposal a few weeks later, they can be confident about closing a sale they otherwise would have lost.

These are just some of the important insights your sales team can learn from motivational sales speakers today.

Real-world audiences report that motivational sales speakers help them:

  • Close bigger deals with larger companies than ever before
  • Get higher budgets from even the toughest prospects
  • Build more value by understanding prospects’ challenges
  • Gain the confidence to stop going after small deals altogether

If you want to learn more about how motivational sales speakers can transform your salespeople, contact Marc Wayshak directly to discuss his popular motivational sales speakers programs for sales teams. These motivational speeches, seminars, and trainings can take any sales event to the next level, whether it’s a one-day training or a keynote at a company-wide annual conference.

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