Host Your Own Event There is no better way to attract local prospects into your pipeline than to host an event.

Four Key Ideas You’ll Want to Focus on When Putting Together Your Local Event

#1: Develop a program title that would be of high-perceived value to your prospects. If, for example, you are a marketing company, come up with a program entitled “Five ways to enhance your marketing in 2015,” or, “What must you avoid in marketing to increase your revenues?”

Identify a sales speaker program that will be very valuable and will be something that your prospects will ultimately want to be a part of and will want to learn from.

#2: Host the event at an exciting and exclusive location. Think of a high-end hotel in your area. It might mean investing some extra money, but the exclusivity of the location is going to ultimately attract prospects and give them the incentive to say “Yes” to your event.

#3: Have a special guest. Recruit one of your top clients for your event. This individual may be the CEO of the company that you work with, or, this person may simply be a personal acquaintance whom you know who works for a company that would be of interest to your prospects.

Invite your special quests, let them talk for a couple of minutes at the event, and make a point to lean on them when it comes to inviting additional guests.

#4: Make the event by invitation only. The key to an effective event for your prospects is that people want to feel as though they’re being invited to an exclusive event. Don’t be afraid to say “No” to people who don’t fit the criteria. On the invitation, be sure to say, “This event is by invitation only.”

By implementing these four simple but very effective ideas to ultimately create your own event, you are going to attract more high-quality prospects who are local to your geography.

Have you ever hosted your own event, and how did it go? Please share in the comments below.

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