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Sales Management  Speaker Marc Wayshak

Sales Management Speaker Marc Wayshak

7 “Must Have” Qualities for a Great Sales Management Speaker Nowadays, sales management is an entirely different game, riddled with nuances and far more complexity than even before. In the past, you simply provided your sales team with a list of leads, a phone and a little bit of accountability … and your sales team would…

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Keynote Sales Speaker

As a data-driven and science-based keynote sales speaker, Marc Wayshak delivers transformational keynote programs to audiences around the world. A top sales thought-leader and best-selling author of two books on sales and motivation, Marc’s groundbreaking approach to keynote sales speaking can bring your event to the next level. High-Velocity Selling in the New Economy: A…

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The Secret to Making B-Players Into A-Players on Your Sales Team

Every sales team inevitably has some B-players. These are the sales people who aren’t exceeding sales goals but often have the potential to do so. However, some key factors are usually holding them back. We of course don’t seek to hire B-players, but every team inevitably has a few. Given this fact, how do we…