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As a data-driven and science-based keynote sales speaker, Marc Wayshak delivers transformational keynote programs to audiences around the world. A top sales thought-leader and best-selling author of two books on sales and motivation, Marc’s groundbreaking approach to keynote sales speaking can bring your event to the next level. High-Velocity Selling in the New Economy: A…

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Do You Think Like Your Prospect?

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square Reader, believes that every product developed must fit into a user narrative. A user narrative is a story of that particular user. What does he do day-to-day? What does he care about? What are his challenges? By developing a product with this user narrative in mind, Dorsey ensures…

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Sales Game Plan – What Is Your Sales Game Plan?

If you haven’t established an organized strategy—a true sales game plan—for your approach to selling, then you’re missing out on huge profits. But don’t worry—in this article, I’m going to provide you with sales advice to help you establish a sales game plan in just three easy steps.

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Sales Pitches Don’t Work! Why You Should Never Pitch Yourself

We have all been told by the old school sales trainers (and our old bosses!) that we need to pitch our product or service to prospects with enthusiasm and passion. There was a time when this was great advice; however, that time is long gone. Sales people have been pitching with enthusiasm to prospects for…

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How to Diffuse an Angry Client

“You screwed up.” Those are three words that we all hate to hear from a client. But, it is inevitably going to happen. The question is, how will you handle it? Often, an angry client is an amazing opportunity to look like a hero. Here are three ways to diffuse and angry client: Never Defend…