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As a data-driven and science-based keynote sales speaker, Marc Wayshak delivers transformational keynote programs to audiences around the world. A top sales thought-leader and best-selling author of two books on sales and motivation, Marc’s groundbreaking approach to keynote sales speaking can bring your event to the next level.

High-Velocity Selling in the New Economy: A Data-Driven Program for Sales Teams

If your sales team hasn’t changed its approach in years, then the data would suggest that your organization is moving backward. The past few years have brought unprecedented change to the world of selling, giving prospects access to more information—and more choices—than ever before. The persuasive, enthusiastic sales pitch is dead. Your salespeople must adapt to survive.

As the data-focused keynote sales speaker at your next event, Marc Wayshak can transform your sales team.

His hands-on data-centric keynote program will take your sales approach from antiquated, old-school techniques to high-velocity selling in the new economy. Your salespeople will learn exactly how to capture and keep the attention of high-level prospects in today’s competitive environment.

This keynote sales speaker is different from the rest, sharing proven, data-driven strategies that will help the sales team radically improve prospecting techniques. Marc Wayshak focuses on practical take-aways as a keynote sales speaker. He knows that most sales teams today are still using old-school methods that kill the sale before it even starts.

Outdated sales tactics lead to the following crushing sales challenges:

  • Inability to sell to high-level decision makers, such as C-suite prospects
  • Getting consistently beaten down on price by the competition
  • Sales cycles that drag on forever, wasting valuable selling time
  • Weak sales pipeline opportunities across the sales team
  • Inconsistent prospecting activities that lead to missed sales goals
  • Failure to engage prospects and keep their attention during selling situations
  • Inability to sell on value, rather than on price
  • Lack of strong, consistent referrals from existing networks

 Do any of these common sales problems apply to your sales team? If so, your entire organization will benefit greatly from bringing Marc Wayshak in as a keynote sales speaker. After years as a top keynote sales speaker, Marc developed High-Velocity Selling in the New Economy specifically to help sales teams experiencing these problems.

In addition to being a leading keynote sales speaker, Marc Wayshak also contributes to Inc, HubSpot, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post Business. He is brought in as a keynote sales speaker to audiences around the world over 100 times a year.

Motivational Sales Speaker, Marc Wayshak

Marc’s Keynote Sales Speech Gives Salespeople the Tools to Dramatically Increase Sales

When brought in as a keynote sales speaker, Marc always tells his audiences: Winning in sales is just like winning in sports. In particular, winning the business of prospects today—who are more well-informed and savvy than ever before—requires a top athlete’s mentality. After all, success on the sports field is all about having a distinct strategy, a repeatable process, and a clear plan to execute with commitment and passion. That’s exactly what salespeople need to succeed. In this keynote sales speaker’s hands-on, data-driven program, your sales team will learn:

  • How to be perceived as totally distinct from all competitors
  • How to implement a proven system to close sales faster, and more often
  • How to create a consistent, effective playbook of prospecting activities
  • How to get the most out of sales efforts, without working harder
  • How to adopt the mentality and approach of a true high-velocity sales team

Key practical take-aways from this top keynote sales speaker’s program include:

  • Step-by-step conversation scripts for use during phone and face-to-face sales situations
  • Easy-to-follow, scheduled daily plan for achieving and exceeding sales goals
  • Comprehensive roadmap for a proven, consistent, and fool-proof selling system

 Past keynote sales speech participants have reported that they:

  • Close far more sales, more often, than they ever have before
  • Close larger sales, increasing their average sale’s transaction size
  • Sell to existing clients more frequently, with more success
  • Implement a consistent strategy to achieve daily, weekly, and monthly sales goals

 Not sure if this keynote sales speaker program is right for your sales team? Reach out to Marc directly to discuss his other programs for sales teams that might be a better fit for you.

 If you’re not looking for a keynote sales speaker program, but rather a sales management program, take a look at these popular programs:

 Marc Wayshak is a top keynote sales speaker. His groundbreaking keynote sales speeches are ideal for annual meetings, sales kick-offs, association events, and more. If you’re looking for sales training, consider including one of Marc’s popular keynote sales speaker programs to transform your next event.

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Finding the right keynote sales speaker isn’t easy. Marc Wayshak understands—that’s why he put together the following helpful guide to help you make the right decision. Check it out!

7 Traits to Look for in a Great Keynote Sales Speaker

Finding a keynote sales speaker is a top challenge for organizations looking to achieve bottom-line results and real change for their sales teams. To make sure your next sales event is the best it can be, there are seven critical traits you should know to look for in a great keynote sales speaker:

Great Keynote Sales Speaker Trait #1: Delivers cutting-edge content.

There are many keynote sales speakers out there that will claim to have cutting-edge content, but can they prove it? Be sure to get copies of a prospective keynote sales speaker’s books to ensure that the speaker’s sales philosophy is more than just basic old-school material.

Great Keynote Sales Speaker Trait #2: Is a contrarian.

A great keynote sales speaker will always hold some beliefs that are contrary to the mainstream ideas in the sales world. Be sure that the keynote sales speaker you choose is going to challenge and engage your audience with ideas that are contrarian—and maybe even counterintuitive—in today’s world of selling.

Great Keynote Sales Speaker Trait #3: Stays relevant.

Selling today is a completely different game than it was just a few years ago. Many keynote sales speakers are using material that was developed pre-internet. This is going to lead to poor results since the strategies that worked in the ’90s not only don’t work, but they’re also completely irrelevant in today’s selling environment.

Great Keynote Sales Speaker Trait #4: Comes across as authentic.

Have you ever watched a keynote sales speaker that had great ideas but simply wasn’t authentic? This disconnect can be caused by a number of things, but oftentimes keynote sales speakers will come off as inauthentic when they don’t have a strong background in selling. Be sure that you do research on your keynote sales speaker’s selling credentials before moving forward.

Great Keynote Sales Speaker Trait #5: Focuses on results.

A speech is the deliverable for a keynote sales speaker, but is your keynote sales speaker focused on the broader results your organization is hoping to achieve through the presentation? Before every speech, a great keynote sales speaker will help you clarify the results that you are looking to achieve.

Great Keynote Sales Speaker Trait #6: Achieves your outcomes.

What do you really want to accomplish by hiring a keynote sales speaker? How much would you realistically like to increase top-line revenue? Be sure that the keynote sales speaker you choose is laser-focused on helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

Great Keynote Sales Speaker Trait #7: Inspires action.

Keynote speeches must inspire action. If a program doesn’t lead to any action, then it has been a complete waste of everybody’s time and money. Be sure that any keynote sales speaker you consider is committed to creating action as a result of your program.

By looking for these seven traits when considering a keynote sales speaker, you’re much more likely to find an outstanding option. As you’ll find in perusing this website, Marc Wayshak fits all these criteria. Be sure to learn more about his programs.

Marc Wayshak is a Motivational Sales Speaker, a Sales Keynote Speaker, a best-selling author and a Sales Management Speaker. Contact him here.

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About the Author Marc Wayshak

Marc is is the best-selling author of three books on sales and leadership, including the highly acclaimed titles Game Plan Selling, The High-Velocity Sales Organization and his forthcoming book, Sales Conversations, Mastered.

Marc is a contributor to Inc, HubSpot, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post Business. He also hosts a popular YouTube channel on sales strategy with over 103,000 subscribers.

Marc helps thousands of people his data-driven, science-based approach to selling that utilizes all the best tools available to sales organizations today.

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