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7 “Must Have” Qualities for a Great Sales Management Speaker

Nowadays, sales management is an entirely different game, riddled with nuances and far more complexity than even before. In the past, you simply provided your sales team with a list of leads, a phone and a little bit of accountability … and your sales team would be off to the races!
The game plan has changed.

Seven “Must Have” Qualities for a Great Sales Management Speaker at Your Next EventSales Management  Speaker Marc Wayshak

  1. Your Sales Management Speaker helped companies achieve specific results in the past. When you bring a sales management speaker to your organization, do you know what that speaker has achieved in the past for other organizations? Be sure to fully understand exactly what that sales management speaker has done previously to achieve specific results.
  2. Your Sales Management Speaker understands the changes in the sales marketplace. Today, prospects have far more access to information, with salespeople daily coming in at them from every direction. Any effective sales management speaker must fully grasp the key changes that have taken place in the sales marketplace.
  3. Your Sales Management Speaker gives you a process for recruiting. One of the most important components to sales management in today’s world is having a consistent recruiting process for bringing new blood into the organization. Any sales management speaker must give you a process for recruiting top performers.
  4. Your Sales Management Speaker helps reinforce training. Do you really want a sales management speaker who’s here today but gone tomorrow? You absolutely want someone who will consistently reinforce his or her training over the course of time. This will require consistent practice.
  5. Your Sales Management Speaker provides realistic accountability metrics. What exactly do you need to be tracking to understand whether your sales team is performing at a top level? A great sales management speaker will provide you with the precise accountability metrics to enable you to understand whether your sales team is ultimately performing at the peak level.
  6. Your Sales Management Speaker focuses on achieving results for your organization. Having a sales management speaker isn’t just about getting your sales team motivated, but also focusing on achieving specific results. Are you looking to increase top line revenues? Want to increase the profitability of your sales team? How about simply increasing the prospecting output? Any effective sales management speaker will understand exactly what you’re aiming for and will help you work towards achieving those results.
  7. Your Sales Management Speaker emphasizes “action steps.” Sales management is all about action. Any effective sales management speaker will provide you and your management team with specific action steps for achieving sales and sales management goals.

These seven traits will surely kick up the success of your sales management efforts. By requiring these seven “must have” qualities for a great sales management speaker, you will dramatically increase your results when you bring someone into your organization to improve your sales management processes.

Sales Management Speaker Marc Wayshak holding a sales management speech

Marc Wayshak is a Motivational Sales Speaker, a Sales Keynote Speaker,
a Boston Motivational Speaker and a Sales Management Speaker

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