Three Time Management Strategies of Top Performing Salespeople

Time Management Strategies for Sales PeopleSalespeople are always seeking out more productivity during the course of their day, yet top performers are constantly applying time management strategies that allow them to outperform the hordes of other salespeople out there. Truth is, most sales professionals are simply struggling to keep up with their increasingly growing workload.

Three Time Management Strategies of Top Performing Salespeople.

#1. Conduct a five-minute strategy session every evening. At the end of each day, you should lay out a plan for tomorrow. Think about what you can realistically accomplish during the course of the following day. When are you going to block out time for prospecting? When are you going to get that proposal done?

Lay out your entire day the night before, rather than waiting until you get into your office the next morning and only then trying to figure out a strategy for that day.

#2. Throw out the to-do list. A to-do list traditionally is an ever-growing list of all the tasks that you intend on completing. The problem is that you rarely accomplish what’s on the list; it continues to swell
and cause stress. It also doesn’t allow you to prioritize what is most important.

Rather than a to-do list, use your CRM system calendar for a task list and make sure that every task has a specific date by which you intend to finish. By assigning a date to a particular task now, you can lay out when something needs to be done.

Tip: If you’re constantly pushing a particular task into the following day or into the future, then recognize that it’s probably not a priority and should be deleted. Use the two-time push rule: Scratch a task off your calendar if you’ve pushed it out more than twice.

#3. More tortoise, less hare. So many salespeople become fired up with sparks of motivation—they’ll perform loads of activity in one week—then next week they’ll be burned out or de-motivated: a hare approach to selling.

Be more like a tortoise rather than a hare. Follow a consistent set of prospecting activities to perform every single day. Be consistent, and quite frankly, you don’t even have to be that active every day—as long as you’re incredibly consistent about what you’re doing throughout the course of your day.

Want to see your sales jump like mad over the next eight weeks? Apply these three simple time management strategies of top performing salespeople. Not only will you have more time during the course of the day to do the most important activities, but you’ll also enjoy significantly increased sales results.

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