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Why Prospects Push Back on Price, Give 'Think-It-Overs,' and Ghost in Sales Until They Meet a Sales Superstar Who Is Following These 7 Simple Keys

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Old-fashioned, pushy sales methods don’t work in today’s unstable market.

So we created a data-driven selling system that reliably and predictably produces massive results.

Find more prospects

Reach the right people, so that you’re not spending all your time chasing tire kickers.

Close more sales

Gain insight into each prospect’s situation so that you can speak directly to their challenges.

Get higher prices

When your customers can easily see the value in your offering, they’ll be willing to pay more.

"We've had a 271% increase in sales. I knew we could do better. I wasn't sure how to get there. The Accelerator program turned out to be the missing link."

"Phenomenal once you see it in real time. Immediately on signing up, I already learned something. Immediately, I sold 4 out of 5 of my next demos."

"In the Accelerator program, within the first month, I took my closing rate from less than 10% to about 60%, which is a huge difference!"

"Within a month and a half of starting my own agency, I was already generating $17K recurring revenue and seeing on average 20 to 30 appointments a week based on everything I learned in Sales Insights Lab."

The Sales Insights Lab Accelerator Program

Get the training, mentorship, and accountability you need to crush your sales goals.

2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.
Can you relate to any of these statements?
  • “My prospects seem interested but then they disappear on me at the end of the sale.”
  • “I feel like I’m constantly following up on prospects and rarely closing those deals.”
  • “My prospecting efforts are haphazard and all over the place and it’s not really working.”
  • “I know I should be selling way more than I am, but every month I’m struggling to meet my sales quota.”
  • “I wish I had a clear roadmap to succeeding in sales so I could be more confident in meetings.”

This training program was created to help you get amazing results in a predictable way.

The Accelerator Lab is going to be the most intense sales development experience of your entire life. The goal is not to help you hit your sales goals, but rather to blow past them and achieve the kind of selling success you’ve never dreamt of.

This powerful coaching program will push you harder than you’ve ever gone. You'll learn a selling methodology that will completely change the way you think about selling.

"I went from a 10% close ratio, and within four months to now being more selective, but closing 100% of what's in my pipeline."

"My average sales were about $17K a month, which is extremely low in my industry. Now it's not even the end of the month and my sales are up to $75K. I'm gunning for $100K. That's a huge jump, thanks to Sales Insights Lab."

I'm getting a lot of bigger opportunities

"Marc Wayshak taught me how to put a lot of structure and insight into new opportunities, so that prospects are more interested in talking to me. And I've learned how to take control of the meeting and ask really valuable questions that get the customer to open up."

"It's been about two months that I've taken the course and it's already paid for itself. It's allowed me to find new ways to create value, and I just found out last week that I won an award for our summer sales contest for highest orders sold. If you want to be better at sales, I highly recommend working with Marc."

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Improving the sales skills of your team starts with you, but also requires the right training tools to implement a data-driven approach.

Check out our blog for steps you can take to blow up your sales, starting today.

2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.
5 Steps to Setting an Appointment with ANY Customer

5 Steps to Setting an Appointment with ANY Customer

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Why Prospects Push Back on Price, Give 'Think-It-Overs,' and Ghost in Sales Until They Meet a Sales Superstar Who Is Following These 7 Simple Keys