How to Sell to Prospects You Already Know

There are so many prospects out in the world right now who could, and probably should, do business with you. You should want to spend time developing brand new relationships with people whom you don’t know. However, there are surely prospects whom you have probably been focusing on over the course of the years whom you have not been able to close.

Three Tips for Selling to Prospects You Already Know

#1. Bring them ideas that help them grow their business. Rather than just checking in with your existing prospects, instead bring them information and ideas that are going to be valuable to helping them grow their business. Maybe it’s a white paper, or maybe it’s an article.

What are some pieces of information that you can bring to your prospect that will challenge that individual to think about business in a way that he or she has never done before?

#2. Share three top challenges that you’re seeing other organizations face. Next time you call on a prospect whom you already know, check with that individual to see if he or she is on the up-and-up regarding the challenges that you’ve been observing with other prospects. What can you share about what you’ve been witnessing? Is the particular prospect relating to any of these challenges?

By doing so, you can now engage in a conversation that’s going to be focused on helping this prospect ultimately overcome his or her challenges.

#3. Ask them about their most critical challenges for the upcoming year. There is no more important piece of information to understand about your prospects than that of what key challenges they are currently coming up against. Learn what those challenges are that they are most critically focused on.

This way, you can ultimately put together a proposal or some ideas that will be geared towards helping them accomplish specifically what they want to accomplish over the course of the next year.

The prospects whom you already know may very well contain a wealth of sales potential for your business. Don’t brush them off for those you’ve never met. By applying these three simple steps to selling to prospects whom you already know, you are going to increase the likelihood of closing sales with many of the prospects who are already in your pipeline.

Which of these three tips did you find most useful? Please share below in the comments.

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Marc Wayshak is a keynote sales speaker, a sales management speaker, motivational conference speaker and a Boston motivational speaker who holds sales trainings in Boston.

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