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Sales Techniques Backed by Science and Data

Killer Sales Techniques Backed By Science & Data

We live in a truly unprecedented time in selling for many reasons. For one, we have an abundance of really, really good science and data on sales today—something that simply...

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Free eBook on How to Connect with any prospect

Do you want to go beyond just building rapport with your prospects to actually developing a deeper connection? Just remember that people make up 90% of their opinion of you in the first ten seconds of interacting. Learn exactly how to make that connection by downloading this free ebook, a $49 value! Just enter you…

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How to Connect with Prospects to Close More Sales – Video

This video shows you three simple steps to use in order to connect on a deeper level with prospects and close many more sales. Created by Marc Wayshak, author of the book Game Plan Selling.

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How to Get More Referrals (or Even Better…Introductions!)

Depending on where you are in your career, cold calls may not be one of your highest-priority activities. But in any case, introductions must be a major part of your sales strategy. First, let’s clarify why I love the term “introduction” and dislike the term “referral.” It’s very simple: referral is just a vague buzzword…

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The First Ten Rules of Game Plan Selling

  Brian Tracy says of my latest book, Game Plan Selling: “Marc has written a powerful, practical book that can transform your sales results and give you a real edge in today’s market.” I want to share with you the first ten of fifty-nine rules from the book. The First Ten Rules of Game Plan…

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How to Find Qualified Prospects – Call High

Most salespeople are uncomfortable with cold calls. Nobody enjoys making them. I can always identify dishonest people in a room of salespeople by asking who loves to make cold calls. Inevitably, some people will raise their hands—they’re liars. Cold calls are not fun. They are hard. No matter how good you are at making cold…

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Close More Sales by Jealously Guarding Your Time

Your Prospecting Mindset: Jealously guard your time. When it comes to sales, you must jealously guard your time. Many salespeople spend their day without planning how to maximize their time. It’s this mindset that ultimately leads to a lack of a sense of urgency—and a lack of a sense of urgency leads to wasted time.…

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How to Network for Sales People – Working the Room

Let’s be clear—networking isn’t easy. There’s nothing more stressful than walking into a room full of strangers with the expectation that you have to approach them. I still feel over-whelmed the first second I walk into a networking event where I don’t know anyone. However, I have learned to be effective at networking with a…

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Close More Sales by Getting to the Decision-Maker

Have you ever done a great job with a prospect who was hurting, really wanted your services, had the money, but turned out not to be the decision maker? If you’ve been in sales for any length of time, then you’ve had this frustrating experience. One of my clients who sells real estate would always…

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Sales Training Boston – Game Plan Selling Video

I just released this new video on the Game Plan Selling USP. This outlines the three components to effective selling in a changed sales environment. Learn how to close more deals by watching the video below: Created by Marc Wayshak, America’s Sales Coach on Game Plan Selling and author of Breaking All Barriers. To learn…

How to dress for sales meetings

How to Dress for Sales Meetings

Many salespeople have no idea how to dress for sales meetings. Luckily, this short video lays out exactly what you need to know about dressing for sales in any industry.