3 Quick Tips to Get Your Clients Buying All the Time-motivational sales speaker

So often, sales people tell me how they need to invest all of their time into finding brand new clients. I always ask, “What about the ones that you have worked with in the past?”

Selling is not just about hunting for new clients. It must also include keeping your existing clients around and getting them to buy more frequently. Here are three tips to get your clients buying all the time:

  1. Have an Email List: How many times, as a buyer, have you worked with someone great and then forgotten her name next time you needed her? This happens all the time to your clients and customers. By having an email list, where you are providing great information to your prospects and clients, you stay connected. Don’t let your clients just slip away to the competition simply because they forgot about you!
  2. Call Your Clients: So many companies are spending their effort calling new prospects, while leaving their existing clients in the dark. This is a huge lost opportunity. As part of your sales prospecting mix, you should be calling your existing clients to check in on them. Maybe call to share something relevant to them. Even offer them a service that they don’t currently have. Just stay connected and show that you care.
  3. Personal Notes: In the day of emails, phones and social media, people don’t get hand-written notes. This has become a lost art, which leaves open a huge opportunity for the sales people with the initiative to stand out. It’s amazing how quickly one can shoot off a quick hand-written note to a client, and it will always get read. Next time you see an article that is relevant to your clients, send off a copy to them with a brief hand-written note. Birthday coming up? Send a quick note. These touches will go a long way.

How do you keep your clients buying from you again and again? Please share below.

Written by Marc Wayshak, author of the book Game Plan Selling, and a sales keynote speaker.

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