5 [Must-Know] LinkedIn Navigator Tips for Sales to Help You Close More Deals

Do you use LinkedIn to help you close more sales? How about LinkedIn’s premium service, LinkedIn Navigator? If you’re not using this exceptional selling tool, start now.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: LinkedIn is NOT paying me to say this.

LinkedIn Navigator is simply the best prospect research tool currently on the market, so I want you to know about it.

It’s the most effective way to get strong data on your prospects, reach out to them, and make sure you’re as informed as possible before stepping into a discovery meeting.

LinkedIn Navigator is an absolute game changer. But in order to leverage this powerful tool, there are several LinkedIn Navigator tips you absolutely must implement.

In this video, I’m going to show you 5 must-know LinkedIn Navigator tips for sales to help you close more deals. Check it out: 


LinkedIn Navigator Tips #1: Use the advanced filters to find your prospect lists.

LinkedIn Navigator Tips #1: Use the advanced filters to find your prospect lists.

LinkedIn Navigator is one of the best tools to develop your prospect list. One of the biggest reasons for that is because you can use advanced filters. The advanced filters in LinkedIn Navigator are absolute gold.

One of the most powerful LinkedIn Navigator tips I will share with you is that you can easily use advanced filters to tightly narrow down your prospect lists based on key criteria such as title, geography, industry—and way more. There’s almost no limit to how you can use these filters to narrow down your list based on whatever information is important to you. 

The more specific your prospect lists are, the better. That’s why LinkedIn Navigator’s advanced filters are so critical for helping you close more deals. Make sure your list is always getting smaller with tighter parameters—and that it’s the exact group of people you want to be going after.

LinkedIn Navigator Tips #2: Save your best prospects.

LinkedIn Navigator Tips #2: Save your best prospects.

Within LinkedIn Navigator, you can save prospects to “prospect lists” so you can actually track what’s going on in their world in real-time. This is one of the most important LinkedIn Navigator tips out there. 

Saving your best prospects allows you to receive automatic alerts and updates when anything is posted about or by that prospect on the platform. That’s an invaluable tool for being able to quickly identify opportunities for connection and personalization.

By saving your prospects in LinkedIn Navigator, you will virtually ensure that you have all the relevant data they could possibly be putting out into the world. Whenever they post a new blog, you’ll know. Whenever they’re promoted, you’ll know. If they get a new job, you’ll know. The list goes on.

Especially if you’re dealing with high-level prospects who utilize LinkedIn a great deal, this strategy of saving your best prospects gives you powerful, up-to-date information about them and the organization they work for.  

LinkedIn Navigator Tips #3: Personalize every outreach.

LinkedIn Navigator Tips #3: Personalize every outreach.

One of the most devastating mistakes that salespeople make is that they fail to personalize their outreach on platforms such as LinkedIn. That’s why one of the most effective LinkedIn Navigator tips is simply to personalize every single outreach—whether you send an InMail or make a connection request.

Whatever you do, don’t use the common shotgun approach where you just send off a ton of InMail messages or connection requests without personalizing first. The reality is, if you’re just sending canned messages to your prospects, you’re only going to tick them off and waste your own time.

Personalize your outreach, every single time. The great part is that LinkedIn Navigator is your best tool for getting that data to personalize with. You already have access to that information to personalize in a truly meaningful way that will make them say, “Wow, this person really did their homework on me and my company. I’m willing to respond.”

Personalization will have a massive impact on your reply rates and connection rates with prospects on LinkedIn Navigator.

LinkedIn Navigator Tips #4: Give value first.

LinkedIn Navigator Tips #4: Give value first.

One of my good friends—who happens to be an absolute LinkedIn ninja—always says that LinkedIn is not for selling; LinkedIn is for making connections. That’s a really powerful distinction. The sales conversation should happen outside of LinkedIn. But LinkedIn Navigator can help you identify the right people to make that initial connection with. 

So how can you effectively connect with people through LinkedIn Navigator? The tip is to give value first. 

Don’t hit prospects with your sales pitch or try to get them to buy your product. Don’t even try to get them to agree to meet with you right away. Instead, just give them value.

LinkedIn Navigator is a great channel through which you can send prospects an ebook, a white paper, or some other kind of sample that brings them value. Those are the kinds of things you should be offering to prospects when you ask them to connect. Give value before you ask for anything in return. 

LinkedIn Navigator Tips #5: Take a deep dive on every good prospect.

LinkedIn Navigator Tips #5: Take a deep dive on every good prospect.

As I mentioned earlier, LinkedIn Navigator is unequivocally the best sales research tool on the market today. It’s fantastic at allowing you to do a deep dive on prospects that are worth your time. That’s why one of my favorite LinkedIn Navigator tips is to take a deep dive on every good prospect.

You can take a deep dive on prospects to better understand things like their education, their past posts, where they live now, where they grew up and went to school, their past job experience, and tons of other pertinent pieces of data. You can then do a separate deep dive on their organizations, such as the number of employees, office locations, department names, and more.

Doing a deep dive is such a simple activity, but you can get so much powerful and relevant data to use to engage prospects—and, once you have them on the phone, to show that you’ve really done your homework.

So, there you have it. Now you know 5 must-know LinkedIn Navigator tips for sales to help you close more deals. Which of these ideas did you find most useful? Share below in the comments to join the conversation.

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