5 Great Ideas to Set 5 Sales Meetings per Week

Salespeople are constantly asking me: How can I set more sales meetings per week? Most want to learn how to set 10 or 20 sales meetings per week — but in reality, even top-performing salespeople aren’t setting that many sales meetings.

The data shows that top-performing salespeople are actually setting just 5 great sales meetings per week. When it comes down to it, those 5 sales meetings can make all the difference to your sales approach.

I recently sat down with Michael Moynahan, founder of B2B marketing agency Linked Conversions, to talk about practical strategies salespeople can implement today to set 5 strong sales meetings every single week.

In this video, we’re going to walk you through 5 great ideas to set 5 sales meetings per week, so you can get in front of more qualified prospects than ever before. Check it out:

Video Summary:

Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Idea #1: Understand your customer demographic.

Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Idea #1: Understand your customer demographic.

Marc Wayshak: Michael, I’m excited to have you here. What is one strategy salespeople can implement to set five great sales meetings per week — or ultimately, one great sales meeting per day?

Michael Moynahan: The first strategy for setting sales meetings is to understand your customer demographic. Sit down and think about who you’re targeting. Saying “it’s just founders on LinkedIn” if you’re doing a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search, or “companies with 1 to 10 employees in the software space” is not enough. It’s too broad.

The more specific you can get on your targeting, the more it allows you to be targeted in your messaging as well. And the more personalized you get in your outbound campaigns, the more you need very specific data.

Wayshak: That leads us perfectly into this idea of sending highly personalized emails to prospects and fitting within a cold email campaign. The more we really personalize that outreach, the more likely someone is to both say “hey, this is a real person” and “this person is sending me something of value.” And it’s also more likely for them to say, “I think this person could actually solve my problem.”

Because cold outreach — I mean, it’s cold. So we want to warm up that relationship as much as possible by letting them know that we’re real. And of course, the way we do that is by really finding out as much information on this person — or on this very, very tight segment of people — as possible. That way when they ultimately receive the message, they say, “yeah, this is interesting.”

Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Idea #2: Put in the time for one-to-one outreach.

Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Idea #2: Put in the time for one-to-one outreach.

Moynahan: Another thing that dovetails here is a more traditional outreach strategy: one-to-one messaging. Put in the time for that one-to-one outreach — especially if it’s a critical deal or a client that you’re looking to close.

What I like to do is write the one-to-one message in an authentic way — let’s say I’m on the subway, I have 15 seconds to write the message to this person. What am I going to say? And stick with that. It just shows more authenticity.

Otherwise, what we tend to see with a lot of outbound campaigns are these lengthy emails about “we do this, we do that.” No one cares. Instead, it should say, “I solve this problem. I need to talk to you because we can help you accomplish X, Y, and Z.”

And to your point, with the outbound funnels that you’re creating, it sounds like you’re doing the same thing: delivering value up front and selling later.

Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Idea #3: Send valuable content.

Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Idea #3: Send valuable content.

Wayshak: That’s correct: Get the value first, and then sell after. We’re always thinking about what we can be sharing that’s of value to the prospect, that’s going to allow them to get a feel for how we do things.

Because again, it’s a cold relationship. This isn’t a referral; this is an introduction. They don’t know you. Even if you’re a big company, they may not know you other than the name of your company. And so we want to show that we can create value. For us, that means sending a lot of valuable content. I know you guys do a lot with content as well.

Moynahan: We do. LinkedIn Pulse is a big one for us. Pulse articles are just a great way to deliver value. You can take existing blog posts and repurpose those into a LinkedIn article. Take advantage of the traffic you’re generating and the eyeballs on those Pulse articles by backlinking to your blog or additional content. Not only does that give readers more resources once they get really interested, but it also allows you to build your retargeting list if you’re running an ad campaign.

The faster you can get to distributing content, delivering value, and then getting them back to your website to retarget and build that nurturing process with ads, the better your conversion rates are going to be.

Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Tip #4: Nurture over time.

Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Tip #4: Nurture over time.

Moynahan: Marc, what’s your process as far as follow-up goes? I mean, I’ve been in outbound sequences where someone’s scraped my email and they’ve been emailing me every 48 hours for the past two weeks. What’s your typical process as far as getting those sales meetings set? Is there a follow-up process where you deliver continual value? When do you get to the point to actually get those sales meetings scheduled and booked?

Wayshak: So, if someone’s just non-responsive for a long time, there could be technical reasons for that. It could be that you’re not even getting into their inbox. We do ultimately leave it at a certain point in those cases, but what we’re doing is we’re creating nurture sequences for people over a period of time.

What’s interesting is that one of the things that buyers are wary of is that flash in the pan. So when there’s consistency, and again, by providing value, not just nudging them, but actually providing value over a long period of time, people want solutions. And so if they feel like you’re a real person, that you’re there for the long run and that you’re providing value, then good things happen.

Moynahan: Yeah. And also to your point, the most important thing to remember for any business is that we’re selling to people. And so, from a psychology standpoint, how do you build that relationship? It’s all about relationships and relationships are what create that conversion. From that initial sales discussion to becoming a new client — it’s because they trust you, they like you, they understand your value proposition, and you’re clear on deliverables.

Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Idea #5: Focus on low volume and high conversions.
Set 5 Weekly Sales Meetings Idea #5: Focus on low volume and high conversions.

Moynahan: Five sales meetings per week is an important mindset to have. Forget the 10 to 20 sales meetings per week. Focus on low volume and high conversions.

Wayshak: There’s not a salesperson on this planet who can’t become really successful with five great sales meetings per week. Implement these ideas. Go make it happen.

5 Great Ideas to Set 5 Sales Meetings per WeekSo, there’s my interview with Michael Moynahan of Linked Conversions on 5 great ideas to set 5 sales meetings per week. I want to hear from you. Which of these ideas did you find most useful? Be sure to share below in the comments section to get involved in the conversation.

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