8 (Shocking) Tools to Send Better Sales Emails

Sales emails- 8 (Shocking) Tools to Send Better Sales Emails

Do you send a lot of sales emails but often find yourself thinking, “There’s got to be a better way to do this…”

If so, you’re right. There is a better way to send sales emails.

After trying the top email tools out there today, my team and I can confidently tell you that there are clearly better alternatives to sending cold emails to prospects. These top tools can make a huge difference in your ability to engage prospects—without working 100 hours a week.

In fact, all the tools I’m going to show you in this video have helped my company and my clients’ companies send better sales emails. I personally use these tools at Marc Wayshak Sales Research and Insights for my own sales prospecting.

To be clear, none of the companies who make these tools are paying me to do this. We just love the tools. While some of these tools are free, some are not. You can determine which are necessary for you and your business. But I will say that each of these tools has made us a lot of money over the years, while saving us countless hours of time. They can do the same exact thing for you.

In this video, I’m going to show you the 8 tools to send better sales emails. Check it out:

Sales Email Video Summary:

Sales Emails Tool #1:  Google G Suite (Gsuite.Google.com)

Sales Emails Tool #1:  Google G Suite (Gsuite.Google.com)If you’re already using Google G Suite, feel free to skip to the next tip. I’m always surprised, though, at how many salespeople are still not using G Suite when it comes to sending sales emails. For those of you who are still using outdated tools like Outlook to send your sales emails, this tip is for you. You’re stuck in the last decade, and it’s time to come into the future with Google G Suite.

One of the most important reasons to use G Suite is that most of the top emailing tools out there are built as plugins for G Suite. G Suite is essentially Google’s email platform. WIthout it, you can’t use most of the tools I’m going to mention here. So, you absolutely need to be using G Suite as your email platform.

If you’re at a big company that still uses Outlook, you should be going to your manager and asking, “Can we please switch to Google G Suite?” It is so much more effective. And, let’s be honest: Outlook doesn’t really work that well anymore. You’ve got to get away from Outlook start using G Suite.

Sales Emails Tool #2: LimeLeads.com

Sales Emails Tool #2: LimeLeads.comAs salespeople, we’re always looking to develop good prospect lists. Finding those lists is often one of our most difficult tasks. It’s either super expensive or the lists are weak. LimeLeads is a subscription service, so this is something that you pay for. But it will help you get really good quality leads.

In fact, with LimeLeads you can actually create a setting where, if the prospect’s email doesn’t turn out to be accurate, they won’t charge you for that lead. So it’s really powerful for those of you who are sending cold emails to B2B prospects or even to consumer prospects. When emails bounce back at you because they are inaccurate, you waste time and get frustrated. In addition, your email server is adversely affected. People start to block you and see you as spam. LimeLeads prevents this from happening, and they won’t charge you if by chance it does.

This pretty inexpensive service can get you the absolute highest quality leads in any industry. I could not more highly recommend LimeLeads.

Sales Emails Tool #3: Hunter.io

Sales Emails Tool #3: Hunter.io

Have you ever identified a specific prospect you want to contact, but it’s really hard to find their email? Maybe it’s not listed on their company website, or it’s just difficult to find their email address for some other reason. Hunter.io is a service that enables you to verify and find the emails of people you’re prospecting to.

Even if you don’t know whom you want to contact at a particular organization, Hunter.io enables you to put the company’s URL in their system, and get back a list of all the possible emails that are known on the internet for that company’s domain. It’s an amazing system.

Hunter.io has a free option, but I recommend paying for their full service so you can get access to everything it has to offer. In addition to giving you solid lists of emails, Hunter.io will also tell you the confidence level with which it believes each email is accurate.

Sales Emails Tool #4: Mail-Tester.com

Sales Emails Tool #4: Mail-Tester.comAre your emails being perceived by recipients’ mail servers as spam? Many salespeople don’t know the answer to this question—and that’s a huge problem. We need to know that the emails we’re sending out are not being perceived as spam. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Mail-Tester allows you send an email to their system and get a report of what you can do to improve the deliverability of the email. This can have a huge impact on the likelihood that someone’s going to respond to your email. If your emails are getting picked up by the prospect’s spam blocker, you’re dead in the water.

Here is a great infographic on what is critical for email deliverability from our friends at Moosend:

sales emails

If you work at a company, you may not have direct control over taking action based on what Mail-Tester tells you to improve about your email deliverability. But you can still use Mail-Tester, get back your report, and then forward it to someone in your company’s IT department so they can see how to improve the quality of the emails being sent out by your organization. Many of the issues Mail-Tester finds can only be fixed on the back-end, so the IT department can make those fixes.

Sales Emails Tool #5: BriteVerify.com

Sales Emails Tool #5: BriteVerify.comBriteVerify can help you ensure that the email addresses you have in your system are actually valid emails. You simply upload a list of your contacts’ email addresses in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file. BriteVerify processes your list and then spits out a report that tells you which of the emails are known to be valid; which are unknown; and which are known to be invalid.

This is important. Every time you send an email out to a prospect that ends up being an invalid address, you get a little ding on your email’s report card. Eventually, Google or any of the other big servers will start to identify you and your email system as a spammer. And then your emails are going to start bouncing back at a much higher rate.

By using BriteVerify at my own company, we’re sometimes finding that up to 25% of the emails we’re sending to are known to be invalid. This knowledge is priceless.

Sales Emails Tool #6: Yesware

Sales Emails Tool #6: Yesware.Yesware is a service that we’ve been using for a long time at my organization, and we love it. Do you ever send out an email to a prospect and wonder to yourself, “Did they open the email? Did they actually get the email? Did they see it?” Well, Yesware tells us whether an email we’ve sent actually got opened. 

Yesware also has some other great features. You can send out a batch of emails using a template to a bunch of people all at one time. And you can use it with Salesforce, too.

Yesware is really a no-brainer.

Sales Emails Tool #7: Quickmail.io

Sales Emails Tool #7: Quickmail.io

Quickmail.io is one of the coolest tools for sales emails. This really is a game changer. Quickmail enables you to upload a list of your key contacts for cold emails. Then, you can create templates of what you want the email to say to each individual, allowing you to create a customized canned email that goes directly to that person. You can then create follow-up sequences depending on whether they respond or not.

Quickmail can handle pretty complex sequences that allow you to email people when you’re not even in front of your computer. You just set a schedule and walk away. What we love about Quickmail is that it doesn’t just blast out a bunch of emails all at one time. It sends them out every 30 seconds or every 50 seconds, whatever timeframe you set. This mimics real human behavior. And the emails come from your direct email address, which prevents the emails from being perceived as spam.

For a relatively low monthly fee, you can be sending individual emails to prospects on a schedule without having to actually do anything, once you set it up. When we were launching my book, we were using Quickmail to send my book to CEOs. It’s so powerful, simple, and effective. It essentially allows you to double yourself as a salesperson.

Sales Emails Tool #8: UseLoom.com

Sales Emails Tool #8: UseLoom.com

Loom allows you to create a personalized video to send to a prospect in a super easy way. You can just sit in front of your webcam, record a personalized message to a prospect, and then email them the video quickly and painlessly. It’s got a cool little Chrome plugin, and it’s free to use as an individual.

Let’s say you have 10 prospects that are really key and you want to do something that gets in front of them. The data shows that video is one of the most effective ways to get someone to actually engage with your message.

And so, you can use Loom to send them each a video.

There’s no downloading or uploading; it’s not a whole messy process. It’s instantaneous. It immediately gives you a link that you can send to the prospect. The open and click-through rates on Loom videos are really high. Once you’ve identified that someone is a good fit, use Loom to engage their attention and do something that makes your sales emails truly stand out.

So, there you have it. Now you know 8 tools to send better sales emails. I want to hear from you. Which of these ideas did you find most useful? Be sure to share in the comments section to get involved in the conversation.

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