In this short training video, Marc Wayshak, America’s strategist on Game Plan Selling, shows you how to dominate the competition in sales by being distinct.

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Full Video Transcript:

Today, we’re going to be talking about a concept that is one of the most core and fundamental pieces to my Game Plan Selling System. Being distinct. If we are not distinct from the competition, we’re dead.

And here’s why—I’m shooting this in Boston’s Beacon Hill, right across the street from the Boston Commons. If I asked you to go into the Boston Commons and ask the typical person what they think of the average sales person, what do you think they’d tell you? They’d use words like “sleazy,” “slick,” “slimy,” “cheesy.” Because unfortunately, as a profession, sales has trained prospects to associate those things with sales.

If all sales people are over here in this corner, doing one thing or another, our goal is to do what? It’s to be over here, by ourselves. To be distinct. We want this gap to be as big as possible. First of all, most people on this side are being enthusiastic. They’re pitching, they’re excited, they’re saying, “Hey, what can I do today to get you to buy my product?” Things like that. They’re not asking questions, they’re not trying to understand what’s going on in the prospect’s world.

So as a start to being distinct, give up some of those things. You don’t have to be enthusiastic; you don’t have to be excited. But what you can do is change that focus from “me” to “you.” Focus on the prospect, on their challenges. Ask questions to find out what’s going on in their world rather than focusing on how great your product or service is. You do that, and you’re going to see your sales go from here to here in very short time.

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