Creating Work/Life Balance in Sales

Work Life BalanceThere is a common misconception that top sales performers are outworking their competitors. But the reality is that they are not necessarily working harder, but rather, they’re simply more effective during the time that they actually spend working.

Four Ideas for Creating Strong Work/Life Balance in Sales

#1. Choose to be effective rather than busy. In the United States people believe they’re working
hard just because they’re “busy.” But when it comes to sales, being busy does not necessarily mean productive or effective. Instead of being merely busy, focus on what you really must do in order to be truly effective in sales. That typically means only focusing on those activities that are actually going to make you money.

#2. Focus only on the most important tasks during the course of your day. You have 50 tasks that you need to do each day. Fair? You have two choices – you can either focus on priorities No. 1, 2 and 3, or you can focus on priorities 4 through 50. Which grouping is more important to you?

Most salespeople will concentrate on priorities 4 through 50, and as a result will become overwhelmed and “busy,” but simply will not achieve their sales goals because they’re not focused on the most critical priorities.

#3. Stop checking and responding to e-mail outside of work hours. Your customers should understand how you do business with them. One of the biggest mistakes that I see salespeople consistently make is that of making themselves always available to their customers. Your customers do not need you 24/7. They need you during the workday when they have an issue.

If you have a challenge that’s outside of the typical workday, don’t be afraid to wait till tomorrow to deal with it. There is absolutely no need for you to be checking and responding to your e-mails outside of typical work hours.

#4. Fire your worst clients. Every year I challenge my clients to fire the bottom 15% of their client list. These are usually the most difficult, and yet least profitable, clients whom they have. Try it. Fire your worst 15% of your clients and see how much free time this creates for you and allows you to go out and find more great clients.

Mastering sales is about working smart, with balance, rather than mindlessly chugging away. By applying these simple tips to increasing your work/life balance in sales, you’re going to both significantly increase the sales you generate, while at the same time, increase your personal happiness.

Which of these tips did you find most useful? Please share below in the comments.

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