5 Easy Steps for Selling More to Your Existing Customers

So many people are spending countless hours banging their head against the wall trying to find new customers when they’re missing out on the greatest asset they could tap into: their existing customer base.

5 Easy Steps for Selling More to Your Existing Customers

#1. Send them personal e-mails with content they want. Forget the blasts as your sole strategy. Be personal about it. Nobody gets excited about a form e-mail. Send specific e-mails to specific, important customers.
Share with them the precise information that’s directly relevant to them.

#2. Give client events. Identify your top tier clients and create for them an event, and go all-out: top quality food and drinks—for top tier clients. Don’t nickel-and-dime it; really spend money to make it a very special event, and share with them the latest things that are going on in the industry that would be most relevant to them growing their businesses. Make sure your invitation gives them no choice but to attend the event, an “I can’t miss this!” feeling.

#3. Send handwritten birthday cards. Your customers may get one or two birthday cards when their special day comes around, and it’s probably from their mom and a sibling, if that. Take the time to learn when your top customers’ birthdays are and send a handwritten note to congratulate them on their birthday.

#4. Send handwritten non-Christmas cards. All of your competitors send out generic Christmas cards to those on their customer list. This is a complete waste of time because everyone does it. So think—and act-outside this old box. Choose a different holiday, whether it’s New Year’s, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Patriots Day, what-have-you. Select a holiday that people don’t typically send cards for. Then, send a handwritten message, thanking your clients for being a part of your world on this special occasion. It will surely be the only card that they receive for that day, and thus, it will stand out and reinforce your connection with that customer.

#5. Call them regularly with an idea. Most of your competitors are calling on their customers regularly, but for the purpose of simply taking value from that customer. So instead of “checking in on your customers,” call them with a specific idea that you want to share with them that could benefit their business. Whatever this idea is, make sure that it makes the call worthwhile. Call every month or two with a new idea.

By following these five steps for selling more to your existing clients, you can not only sell far more over the long-run, but you will develop stronger relationships that will lead to more referrals. Which idea is most useful to you? Please share below in the comments.

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