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Over the past 5 years, the world of selling has changed dramatically. As a conference sales speaker, Marc Wayshak has watched these changes “make” some salespeople—and break others. Has your sales team’s strategy evolved with the times? If not, it’s time to change your team’s selling approach so every salesperson at your company can crush daily, weekly, and yearly sales goals.

The next few years will usher in even more changes to the business of selling. But don’t worry—your salespeople will be prepared. By bringing Marc in as a conference sales speaker, you can help your team thrive. Below are 17 of Marc’s most powerful conference sales speaker tips that he shares with select groups of salespeople all around the country:

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #1: Forget about features and benefits.

Prospects no longer care about the product or service being sold to them. They’re tired of hearing about all the wonderful features and benefits of what salespeople offer. In fact, all prospects care about are their own problems and goals. This is one of the main takeaways Marc Wayshak makes sure his audiences walk away with, when he gives keynotes as a sales conference speaker. If salespeople are going to excel, they must shift their mindset to align with their prospects’ and stop focusing on the features and benefits of what they sell. They should only focus on what’s going on in their prospects’ world.

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Conference Sales Speaker Tip #2: Know the “why.”

As one of the leading sales conference speakers, Marc Wayshak has found that salespeople can’t learn how to crush sales until they first know why they’re doing it. That’s why he pushes audiences to dig deeper than simply saying, “I’m in sales because I want to be successful.” With his guidance, salespeople learn to identify powerful personal factors—such as a fear of being poor again or a desire to provide the best opportunities for your family. Having a crystal clear “why” will motivate you to pick up the phone, ask for introductions, and close sales with confidence day in and day out.

Conference Sales Speakers Tip #3: Find new ways to engage prospects.

If your salespeople are still trying to engage prospects by telling them why they need a product or service, they’re relying on outdated sales techniques—and definitely missing out on valuable opportunities. When brought in as a conference sales speaker, Marc Wayshak will help your team by having them take a good look at what’s changed for your prospects over the past 12 months. Then, the entire team will use that knowledge to engage prospects in new, creative ways.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #4: Start asking more questions.

Conference sales speaker, Marc Wayshak
Salespeople should make it a priority to find out what their prospects’ key challenges are. The key is to ask prospects detailed questions about their deepest frustrations. This conference sales speaker tip might sound obvious, but surprisingly few salespeople ask the right questions of prospects. Once salespeople ask the right questions, they can speak directly about their prospects’ most pressing challenges in an intelligent, informed way. This makes them incredibly valuable to their potential customers, and positions them as experts in their line of work.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #5: Embrace face-to-face selling.

It’s high time for salespeople to stop hiding behind the computer! Webinars are great, and email is convenient. But, as a conference sales speaker, Marc Wayshak shows his audiences that face-to-face interactions are more important now than ever before. Smart salespeople will leverage face-to-face selling to stand out from the competition and close more sales over the next few years. In an increasingly tech-centric world, the top salespeople are those who are willing to hop on an airplane, travel to an on-site meeting, and do what it takes to win sales.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #6: Work on phone skills.

Right now, everyone is focused on email. But the truth is, phone sales calls are incredibly powerful tools in today’s selling world. In addition to getting out there and meeting with clients face-to-face, salespeople must build up their confidence on the phone. The phone is a great stepping-stone to that first in-person meeting—and a strong conference sales speaker can help salespeople get there.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #7: Start “hunting.”

There have always been hunters and farmers in the world of sales. Hunters know how to go out, find new prospects, and build those relationships. Farmers, on the other hand, tend to focus on nurturing their existing customers. Hunters have always been more valuable to companies because they’re willing to do what very few people can do. As we move forward, sales hunting will get even harder as technology continues to isolate prospects—which means companies are going to place an even bigger premium on talented sales hunters. Marc Wayshak helps his sales conference audiences start hunting. And fast.

Conference Sales Speakers Tip #8: Your goal isn’t to make friends.

If salespeople care more about being liked than being viewed as a trusted advisor, the rejection that comes with selling has the power to completely derail their day—or even their entire week. On the other hand, if they’re focused on challenging prospects and establishing themselves as an expert, they won’t lie awake at night stressing over prospects who couldn’t handle the truth. Salespeople should keep this conference sales speaker tip top of mind the next time they’re meeting with a difficult prospect. After all, salespeople who aren’t afraid of pissing people off can become the most successful and respected experts in their industry.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #9: Get comfortable saying “no.”

Average salespeople love to say “yes.” Great salespeople, on the other hand, are comfortable saying “no”—and they learn to say it constantly! Some may think this sounds mean, but it’s really not. Instead, it’s recognizing the value of time and the importance of closing sales. If salespeople are constantly saying “yes” to tire kickers, operational tasks, and putting out fires, their calendar is too full for any real selling activity. As a conference sales speaker, Marc Wayshak reminds audiences that if a task or favor isn’t going to make money, the answer should always be “no.”

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #10: Prioritize sale size over frequency.

Salespeople often ask sales conference speakers how to close more sales. In reality, this just isn’t the right question to ask. Top salespeople typically close just as many sales as the average salesperson. The difference? Top salespeople recognize how much sale size matters. Big sales don’t take much more time, effort, or expertise to close than smaller sales—but they do take more guts. When brought in as a conference sales speaker, Marc Wayshak teaches audiences to confidently pursue high-level buyers at large organizations, focus on value over price, and close bigger sales than ever before.

Conference Sales Speakers Tip #11: Disqualify prospects who aren’t a good fit.

In his experience as a conference sales speaker, Marc Wayshak has found that at least 50% of prospects simply aren’t a good fit. Just because someone has a pulse and a mild interest in an offering doesn’t mean they’re going to buy. Instead of wasting time on dead ends, salespeople should implement this sales conference speaker tip and identify those who aren’t a good fit. By disqualifying that 50% early in the sales process, salespeople can focus time and energy on qualified prospects who will actually invest in their product or service.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #12: Start the day on the phone.

When sales conference speaker Marc Wayshak advises picking up the phone first thing in the morning, he really means it. Most salespeople come into the office, check some emails, grab a coffee, and maybe pick up the phone by 10 a.m.—at the same time as every other salesperson out there. Salespeople can stand out from the crowd by starting calls early. This not only sets them up to be focused all day but also increases their chance of connecting with busy prospects before they get distracted by their own to do lists and tasks.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #13: Live on the road.

Successful salespeople are on the road constantly—which is why any good conference sales speaker understand that the mobile office is king. While mediocre salespeople spend most of their time in the office, top-performing salespeople are committed to getting face-to-face with valuable prospects. Fortunately, today’s technology makes it easy to handle most administrative tasks on the go with just a cell phone and a laptop. In order close more sales and bigger sales, salespeople must follow this sales conference speaker tip and live on the road as much as possible.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #14: Leverage every sale for an introduction.

In his experience as a sales conference speaker, Marc Wayshak has found that top-performing salespeople ask for introductions constantly—especially when they sign a new customer. To keep the pipeline full of qualified prospects, top salespeople see every new sale as an opportunity to leverage more introductions.

Conference Sales Speakers Tip #15: Challenge the prospect with provocative questions.

Great sales conference speakers will tell you that no one respects “the yes man.” If salespeople will say or do anything to make prospects happy, they just come off as desperate. On the other hand, if they can provoke prospects to look at their challenges and goals differently, they’ll earn respect and establish themselves as experts in the industry. To follow this conference sales speaker tip, salespeople should list a few key challenges they’ve observed among their clients and ask, “Do any of these challenges ring true to you?” They’ll come out swinging and immediately connect with anyone who is an ideal fit for their product or service.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #16: Drop the fake enthusiasm.

Old-school sales conference speakers will tell salespeople to exhibit excitement over their offering when talking with customers or prospects. Unfortunately, this advice just leads salespeople to come off as cheesy and sales-y. Prospects will appreciate a fresh approach and be far more likely to engage in a conversation with salespeople who use a low-key, genuine, quiet tones without any fake cheerfulness.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #17: Sales presentations aren’t about the salesperson.

There’s only one thing prospects care about—themselves. At the same time, there’s only one thing on most salespeople’s minds—themselves. This disconnect will cost salespeople sales time and time again. Conference sales speaker Marc Wayshak challenges audiences to answer a simple but important question, “Why should I do business with you?” Most salespeople’s answers are focused on their product or service. Instead, they must shift to focus on the prospect and their company to better connect with customers and ultimately close more sales.

Conference Sales Speaker Tip #18: Uncover challenges.

Again, prospects only care about themselves. More specifically, they care about the key challenges they’re facing. As a sales conference speaker, Marc Wayshak teaches salespeople how to dig deeply into prospects’ biggest challenges and how those problems are affecting the prospect and organization. Mastering this conference sales speaker tip is key to being viewed as an expert in the industry and forming connections built on trust and respect—connections that lead to big sales, valuable introductions, and happy customers.

Past conference sales program participants have reported that they:

      • Closed more sales than before
      • Increase their average sale size
      • Sell more to current clients
      • Develop a strategy to achieve sales goals

Not sure if this conference sales program is right for your sales team? Contact Marc directly to discuss his other programs for salespeople.

Marc Wayshak is a top sales and conference sales speaker. If you’re planning an upcoming sales conference, sales kick-off, or association event—or if you’re in the market for sales training—consider including one of Marc’s conference sales programs to launch the event to the next level.

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