why you should not overcome objections-motivational sales speaker

Way before I ever became a motivational speaker, a sales trainer in Boston told me that you have to anticipate objections and then overcome them one by one. It sounded so good.

“Well, the timing just isn’t right for a new marketing strategy,” a prospect could object.

“But just think about how much you could lose by not implementing a new marketing strategy.” I was taught to overcome the objection.

Still to this day, old-school sales training tells sales people to overcome objections. This could not be more outdated, and here’s why. As a motivational sales speaker, I will often have a volunteer come up to the front of the room. I will ask her to put her hands up in front of her with her palms facing forward. I will then put my hands against hers and push. What does she always do?

She pushes back.

Every time.

When we push humans in a certain direction, they inevitably want to resist that. This is true in sales as well. By trying to overcome objections with a prepared statement, we are simply applying pressure.

New selling mindset: Whenever a prospect objects, it is an opportunity to understand the prospect on a deeper level. Rather than responding with a statement, respond with a question that can discover where that prospect is struggling.

Next time that prospect says, “I’m not sure if you can help me with my problem.”

Bite the urge to push back with, “But, we can help you with this, that and the other.”

Instead reply, “You may be right, tell me more about the problem that you mentioned.”

All pressure is removed and the prospect now opens up. You can more deeply understand the prospect’s challenges. In my sales training in Boston, I never want my clients to add pressure—rather remove it completely.

How do you handle objections right now? Please share below in the comments.

Written by Marc Wayshak, motivational sales speaker and author of the book, Game Plan Selling.

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