Why You Need to Plan a Client Event-motivational sales speaker

Existing clients are often the number one overlooked source of additional revenue to a company.

Just think how many thousands or even millions of dollars your organization invests each year to attract new clients. Often, once a company has them, they are sent over to customer service and moved out of the sales pipeline.

In my sales training, I often identify that this is a huge lost opportunity. Existing clients can be a massive source of additional income to a business. Whether it’s by buying more from you or by introducing you to other prospects like them, or both, we need to stay in front of them.

Client events are one of the best methods of staying connected to clients. Here are a few examples of great client events:

  • A free educational program/seminar exclusively for your clients
  • A networking event for only your best clients
  • A paid trip for your best clients to a tropical place
  • A dinner event for each of your clients and a friend (remember, the friend might be another prospect)

Those are just a few examples of client events that provide value to your clients and keep you front and center in their world. These events are so powerful for three simple reasons:

  1. Clients love to be loved, and events exclusively for your best clients show tremendous love.
  2. Live events provide huge value in content and networking opportunities for clients.
  3. You get to run the event, so without ever being salesy, you are the center of the event.

This can be really simple and will yield massive returns if done properly.

What is the best event you’ve either thrown or been to? Please share below.

Marc Wayshak is the author of the book Game Plan Selling and leads sales training in Boston.


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