Five Very Quick Tips to Get Your Clients to Love You

There is no better business to be in than one in which the people who are already doing business with you love you. Everything else becomes a lot easier this way. It’s easier to get introductions and referrals. It’s easier to make bigger and deeper sales with clients who already love you.

Five Very Quick Tips to Get Your Clients to Love You

#1. Write down any personal details about your clients. This could be their children’s names or spouse’s name or their childhood hometown. Put this information into your CRM system. This way, next time you’re in front of your client or on the phone you can reference back to those little personal details.

It’s one thing to ask, “How’s your wife doing?” It’s another thing to ask, “How is Sandi doing? You told me that she was taking Brian to college.” By having little details at your disposal you’ll create a much deeper relationship with your client.

#2. Send handwritten birthday cards. Find out your clients’ birthdates—by simply asking during the course of a conversation. Then first chance you get, enter it in your calendar. A week before the birthday, create a handwritten birthday card. Go to and buy 50 of the same exact birthday cards so that they’re ready to go. Just simply add a personal handwritten touch and send it off.

#3. Send an article clipping that your client would find useful. Consistently reading business-related publications will keep you at the forefront of your game. It’s also a tremendous resource, to rip out articles, create clippings and send these to specific clients with a little Post-it note saying, “I thought you would find this article useful.” This shows your clients you’re thinking about them and also staying on the cutting edge of what’s going on in business.

#4. Host VIP client events. Everyone loves to feel like they’re in an exclusive group. Host VIP client events for your best clients. Rent out a room at one of the premier hotels or conference centers in your city and invite your best clients; spoil them, take care of them, buy them nice drinks, give them good food and share with them a presentation on what you see as the most important changes in their marketplace. This will make them feel like they’re in an elite group, and they will want to do more business with you.

#5. Send your clients business books that you love. Buy copies of your favorite business books and send them as gifts to your clients with a handwritten note saying you just recently read the book and think it’s tremendously valuable and you might enjoy it.

For really large quantities, you can often contact the author or publisher directly to get the book for a bulk discount.

Yes, you can get your clients to love and appreciate you. Just apply the previously described five easy and quick tips. Your clients will not only love you, but they will also consider you someone who truly stands out from all of the other people they work with.

Which of these five tips did you find most useful? Please share below in the comments.

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