Three Selling Techniques that Will Transform Your Sales

I’d like to tell you about two salespeople who started at a client company of mine just about two years ago. Aaron and Jill are both salespeople who make the same number of calls and conduct essentially the same number of sales meetings. Both work equally hard, yet last year in 2014 Jill sold $1.3 million in sales…while Aaron sold only $700K.

Why was there such a disparity? It boiled down to a few key selling techniques that Jill used and that Aaron avoided.

In this video I’m going to share with you three selling techniques that will transform your sales. Check it out!

#1. Identify your value proposition. It’s time to stop thinking about the features and benefits that you offer. Instead, focus on the real value that you offer to clients; think about the results that you create or the outcomes that you’ve created for them.

Your clients don’t buy your product or service; they buy the outcome. For example, I serve as a trusted adviser to sales professionals to help them develop a strategy to dramatically increase sales. When you break down that value proposition, you’ll see that it doesn’t say anything about the features or really even the benefits. What I’m focused on are the results or outcomes.

#2. Become a trusted adviser to your clients. Remove the words vendor or supplier from your vocabulary: a mindset shift. It’s a shift from “Please sir, can I just have three minutes of your time?” to, “George, I would like to share with you some of the best practices that have helped my clients increase sales by over 25%.”

Could you feel the differences between those two approaches? The first one begs for time as we think of ourselves as a vendor or supplier. The second one views ourselves as a critical trusted adviser to our clients.

#3. Challenge your prospects. Don’t be afraid to challenge your prospects when they’re wrong. Most buyers may not even know what they need. It’s your job to question their assumptions and to lead them to where they really need to go. When we’re willing to challenge our prospects, it’s amazing how much we suddenly stand out from the competition.

Three Selling Techniques that Will Transform Your SalesWith these three selling techniques, you will dramatically transform your sales.

I want to hear from you about which of the three techniques you feel you need to most work on. Be sure to share below in the comment section, and I will respond to every single comment.

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