Get In Front of Qualified ProspectsThere are many ways to prospect to find new business, but there is one prospecting activity that trumps all others 10 to 1.

The speech.

A cold call will get you in front of one prospect if you’re lucky. A well-delivered speech can get you in front of hundreds of potential prospects who are going to be interested in what you have to say. So rather than knocking on doors, pull together a strategy that involves speaking with the goal of selling your product or service.

Four Keys to Creating a Speech to Sell Your Business

#1. Create a speech based on your expertise. Focus on your expertise, not your product or service.
You’ve been in your industry for long enough to have a different perspective that can help your customers create more value in their businesses. Create a speech that revolves purely around your expertise and is the reason that you have credibility in selling your product.

#2. Create a really catchy title. The title of your speech is what will get people to attend—or not. Two examples: “Five tips to making your day more efficient, ”and, “The three greatest marketing mistakes everyone has made.” Catchy titles will entice people into attending your speeches.

#3. Present a speech that’s valuable to prospects. Create strong content that will be very useful and applicable to your intended listeners. It can’t just be about how great your product or service is. Focus on what your intended audience can do to improve their business or their lives.

#4. Market the speech to trade associations and networking organizations. There are thousands of local trade associations in your area that are dying for good speakers to talk to their audience. Identify a local list of relevant trade and networking organizations that may be seeking a speaker to talk on the subject of your expertise.

It’s a much easier call to try to book a speech than it is to make a cold call to a prospect. Simply ask them if they’ve ever had an outside speaker, then share with them the title of your speech and find out if this would be applicable and relevant to the intended listeners. The next step is to send your information, then book your speeches and rock the stage with them.

By following these four steps to creating a great speech and attracting audiences, you will gain far more customers than through any other prospecting activity.

Get 25 tips to crush your sales goal. Written by Marc Wayshak, sales strategist & author of the book, "Game Plan Selling."