Selling on Value

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How to Sell to Companies with Third-Party Buying Consultants

Third-party buying consultants have changed to game of selling for many salespeople that prospect into large companies. These free-agent consultants will try to beat you down on price and work you through the ringer. Learn how to effectively sell to companies that employ these consultants.

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Your Prices Are Too Low—Start Selling on Value!

Have you said the following? “I had to lower my price in order to close the deal.” Or: “If we raise our prices, people will go somewhere else.” I hear this blasphemy all the time. Worst of all, these comments are simply untrue. Now, are there some prospects out there that only care about price?…

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Why You are Selling on Price and How to Avoid It

Selling on Price – One of the most common challenges I hear from sales people is that they are forced to sell on price, thereby tightening their margins. A phenomenal mentor of mine, Steve Lishansky, always says, “Price is never an issue unless the value isn’t clear.” If you are struggling with selling on price,…