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High Velocity Selling in the New Economy: Sales Training Boston

Boston is a different city from many others. We are packed with technology, healthcare and biotech companies. However, there are still a massive number of traditional manufacturers and distributors scattered throughout the Boston area.
Selling in this diverse environment requires a different approach. This is why great sales training Boston must have the following five critical components: 

Sales Training Boston Key #1: Helps your team become distinct from the competition.

If the members of your sales team are perceived as similar to the hordes of other salespeople out there, then they are dead in the water. Any top sales training in Boston must provide your team with techniques and strategies to truly stand out from everyone else knocking on your prospect’s door. Be sure to ask how your team will become distinct from the competition. That’s where Sales training Boston comes in.

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Sales Training Boston Key #2: Provides a system to follow for every sale.

Do your salespeople sell in the same systematic way every single time? Probably not, but they absolutely should in order to increase their effectiveness. Sales training Boston will provide your sales team with a specific sales system to follow. This means outlining which questions to ask, how to start conversations and how to close the sale. If your can read the trainer’s book, be sure to do so in order to make sure that you agree with their system. Check out the outstanding book by Marc Wayshak – Sales training Boston – Game Plan Selling on Amazon.

Sales Training Boston Key #3: Gives your team a play book to follow when prospecting.

Are your salespeople on track to achieve their sales goals for this year? So often, management doesn’t know the answer to that basic question. It all starts with developing a specific play book that outlines how much of each prospecting activity must be performed. This means how many prospecting calls to make, how many referrals to ask for and how many meeting to set. Training isn’t just about technique. Rather, it must include an accountability component in order to improve prospecting consistency. Sales training Boston lays out that foundation for your team.

Sales Training Boston Key #4: Focuses on achieving specific results.

How many days on-site your sales training in Boston includes is irrelevant. What matters is that it achieves the results you are seeking. This starts with a conversation outlining exactly what you are looking to achieve with the training. Then from there, it should outline a plan to hit those goals. Be sure any sales training Boston is focused entirely on achieving your desired results.

Sales Training Boston Key #5: Continually reinforces important techniques.

So often with sales training, there is an initial buzz and excitement that immediately follows. However, within a few weeks most of your team has fallen back into old habits. Don’t let this happen to you. Any first class sales training in Boston will include regular reinforcement in order to ensure that your team actually implements the strategies. Don’t fall into the trap of having a one-off sales training. Rather, plan training throughout the entire year.

By looking for these five critical components, you can ensure that your sales training in Boston will be an excellent match for you.

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