Sales Quotes – 59 Sales Quotes to Close More Sales by Marc Wayshak

In today’s marketplace, selling can be tough. There is nothing better than finding some of the most motivational sales quotes to change your mindset when selling. Below are a list of 59 sales quotes all written by Marc Wayshak, best-selling author and sales strategist. These quotes were all published in the best-selling book, Game Plan Selling.

These motivational sales quotes will help you become more distinct, think more systematically, and do more prospecting.

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Here are 59 Outstanding Sales Quotes to Close More Sales:

Motivational Sales Quotes #1: In the age of the well-informed prospect, information selling is dead.

Motivational Sales Quotes #2: When you are perceived to be like every other salesperson, the protective walls of the prospect go up.

Motivational Sales Quotes #3: Times are different in today’s market and salespeople must adapt or die.

Motivational Sales Quotes #4: Whether or not you sell with a system, prospects will always buy with a system.

Motivational Sales Quotes #5: Prospects will cheat in order to gain any advantage with salespeople.

Motivational Sales Quotes #6: Most salespeople will jump at the opportunity to be abused and cheated by the prospect. Don’t let it happen to you.

Motivational Sales Quotes #7: The solution to winning more sales is painfully simple: Be distinct.

Motivational Sales Quotes #8: When you’re a high-fee expert, clients treat you infinitely better than when you’re begging to give your information away.

Motivational Sales Quotes #9: Think of yourself as a doctor, rather than a salesperson.

Motivational Sales Quotes #10: You don’t want to persuade everyone to buy from you; you want the right people to buy from you.

Motivational Sales Quotes #11: Rather than persuade, identify where your prospect hurts.

Motivational Sales Quotes #12: There’s no more “making stuff up” when you’re in a selling situation. It’s all about being systematic.

Motivational Sales Quotes #13: People are no more born with the skills to sell than they are born with the skills to play golf.

Motivational Sales Quotes #14: There is no room in sales for improvisation.

Motivational Sales Quotes #15: Every prospect expects to be qualified; no prospect wants to be dis-qualified.

Motivational Sales Quotes #16: People don’t buy from people they like; they buy from people who understand them.

Motivational Sales Quotes #17: Most sales trainers will tell you to dress to impress. Dressing to impress may actually hurt your chances of closing a sale.

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Motivational Sales Quotes #18: Match the “right you” to the prospect.

Motivational Sales Quotes #19: Realistically, at least fifty percent of your prospects will not be a good fit for your services.

Motivational Sales Quotes #20: Great salespeople do not get compliments from prospects; they get orders.

Motivational Sales Quotes #21: Ninety percent of what’s in a salesperson’s pipeline is pure junk.

Motivational Sales Quote #22: People hate a sales pitch, but they love buying stuff.

Motivational Sales Quote #23: Hurt you can solve + money to invest = qualified prospect.

Motivational Sales Quote #24: Know what challenges you solve and only help people with those particular challenges.

Motivational Sales Quote #25: Identify what the challenges are costing a prospect in actual dollars.

Motivational Sales Quote #26: If a prospect isn’t hurting personally due to a problem, he won’t put in the effort to resolve it.

Motivational Sales Quote #27: The person who needs your product or service the most is the one who can’t afford it.

Motivational Sales Quote #28: It’s time to start asking about the prospect’s budget.

Motivational Sales Quote #29: Avoid giving presentations to non-decision makers.

Motivational Sales Quote #30: A prospect does everything for a reason, and you can never assume you know what that reason is.

Motivational Sales Quote #31: Always answer a question with a question.

Motivational Sales Quote #32: It’s not your job to read minds. Just ask.

Motivational Sales Quote #33: Almost all salespeople are using the “feature and benefit” selling technique. Stop.

Motivational Sales Quote #34: You and your services will immediately seem higher-value to the prospect when you ask them good, meaningful questions.

Motivational Sales Quote #35: Have a repertoire of case studies that appeal to a prospect’s hurt.

Motivational Sales Quote #36: It’s not about price; it’s about rescuing clients from their hurt.

Motivational Sales Quote #37: Keep your presentations short and sweet.

Motivational Sales Quote #38: Always close with the question: “What would you like to do next?”

Motivational Sales Quote #39: If you were strong in the beginning, the end is the easiest part of the meeting.

Motivational Sales Quote #40: Have a script for every single part of selling.

Motivational Sales Quote #41: Create a clear and effective playbook and follow it consistently.

Motivational Sales Quote #42: Your goal is to maximize your return on time invested in prospecting activities.

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Motivational Sales Quote #43: Figure out which activities will maximize your return on time invested; add those activities—and only those activities—to your Prospecting Playbook.

Motivational Sales Quote #44: The majority of salespeople make cold calls to people in the lowest level positions because they feel more comfortable talking to people with little authority.

Motivational Sales Quote #45: Always call as high up as is relevant. Period.

Motivational Sales Quote #46: Follow a script during Cloud Calls.

Motivational Sales Quote #47: I expect my clients to introduce me to everyone they possibly can. So should you.

Motivational Sales Quote #48: If you’re not asking all of your clients for introductions, you’re letting money slip through your hands.

Motivational Sales Quote #49: The more you can sell to the clients you already have, the easier it is to generate sales.

Motivational Sales Quote #50: Current clients are the greatest wasted assets of most salespeople.

Motivational Sales Quote #51: Create a subscription service and offer it to all of your clients.

Motivational Sales Quote #52: It’s time to get away from the old-school mindset of only finding new clients.

Motivational Sales Quote #53: Volunteering in professional organizations can become very time-consuming if not done cautiously. Closely monitor your time invested.

Motivational Sales Quote #54: Don’t get creative when it comes to starting conversations. Stick to what works.

Motivational Sales Quote #55: Connectors enjoy doing what they do best—connecting people. Love these people.

Motivational Sales Quote #56: Speaking to sell is a little work-intensive up front, but once you get going, the rewards are huge.

Motivational Sales Quote #57: Take advantage of the many powerful, low-cost marketing technologies at your disposal.

Motivational Sales Quote #58: Every goal in selling must be personal if it is to be compelling.

Motivational Sales Quote #59: What gets tracked gets done.

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About the Author Marc Wayshak

Marc is is the best-selling author of three books on sales and leadership, including the highly acclaimed titles Game Plan Selling, The High-Velocity Sales Organization and his forthcoming book, Sales Conversations, Mastered.

Marc is a contributor to Inc, HubSpot, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post Business. He also hosts a popular YouTube channel on sales strategy with over 103,000 subscribers.

Marc helps thousands of people his data-driven, science-based approach to selling that utilizes all the best tools available to sales organizations today.

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