In today’s marketplace, selling can be tough. There is nothing better than finding some of the most motivational sales quotes to change your mindset when selling. Below are a list of 59 sales quotes all written by Marc Wayshak, best-selling author and sales strategist. These quotes were all published in the best-selling book, Game Plan Selling.

These motivational sales quotes will help you become more distinct, think more systematically, and do more prospecting.

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Here are 59 Outstanding Sales Quotes to Close More Sales:

Motivational Sales Quotes #1: In the age of the well-informed prospect, information selling is dead.

Motivational Sales Quotes #2: When you are perceived to be like every other salesperson, the protective walls of the prospect go up.

Motivational Sales Quotes #3: Times are different in today’s market and salespeople must adapt or die.

Motivational Sales Quotes #4: Whether or not you sell with a system, prospects will always buy with a system.

Motivational Sales Quotes #5: Prospects will cheat in order to gain any advantage with salespeople.

Motivational Sales Quotes #6: Most salespeople will jump at the opportunity to be abused and cheated by the prospect. Don’t let it happen to you.

Motivational Sales Quotes #7: The solution to winning more sales is painfully simple: Be distinct.

Motivational Sales Quotes #8: When you’re a high-fee expert, clients treat you infinitely better than when you’re begging to give your information away.

Motivational Sales Quotes #9: Think of yourself as a doctor, rather than a salesperson.

Motivational Sales Quotes #10: You don’t want to persuade everyone to buy from you; you want the right people to buy from you.

Motivational Sales Quotes #11: Rather than persuade, identify where your prospect hurts.

Motivational Sales Quotes #12: There’s no more “making stuff up” when you’re in a selling situation. It’s all about being systematic.

Motivational Sales Quotes #13: People are no more born with the skills to sell than they are born with the skills to play golf.

Motivational Sales Quotes #14: There is no room in sales for improvisation.

Motivational Sales Quotes #15: Every prospect expects to be qualified; no prospect wants to be dis-qualified.

Motivational Sales Quotes #16: People don’t buy from people they like; they buy from people who understand them.

Motivational Sales Quotes #17: Most sales trainers will tell you to dress to impress. Dressing to impress may actually hurt your chances of closing a sale.

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Motivational Sales Quotes #18: Match the “right you” to the prospect.

Motivational Sales Quotes #19: Realistically, at least fifty percent of your prospects will not be a good fit for your services.

Motivational Sales Quotes #20: Great salespeople do not get compliments from prospects; they get orders.

Motivational Sales Quotes #21: Ninety percent of what’s in a salesperson’s pipeline is pure junk.

Motivational Sales Quote #22: People hate a sales pitch, but they love buying stuff.

Motivational Sales Quote #23: Hurt you can solve + money to invest = qualified prospect.

Motivational Sales Quote #24: Know what challenges you solve and only help people with those particular challenges.

Motivational Sales Quote #25: Identify what the challenges are costing a prospect in actual dollars.

Motivational Sales Quote #26: If a prospect isn’t hurting personally due to a problem, he won’t put in the effort to resolve it.

Motivational Sales Quote #27: The person who needs your product or service the most is the one who can’t afford it.

Motivational Sales Quote #28: It’s time to start asking about the prospect’s budget.

Motivational Sales Quote #29: Avoid giving presentations to non-decision makers.

Motivational Sales Quote #30: A prospect does everything for a reason, and you can never assume you know what that reason is.

Motivational Sales Quote #31: Always answer a question with a question.

Motivational Sales Quote #32: It’s not your job to read minds. Just ask.

Motivational Sales Quote #33: Almost all salespeople are using the “feature and benefit” selling technique. Stop.

Motivational Sales Quote #34: You and your services will immediately seem higher-value to the prospect when you ask them good, meaningful questions.

Motivational Sales Quote #35: Have a repertoire of case studies that appeal to a prospect’s hurt.

Motivational Sales Quote #36: It’s not about price; it’s about rescuing clients from their hurt.

Motivational Sales Quote #37: Keep your presentations short and sweet.

Motivational Sales Quote #38: Always close with the question: “What would you like to do next?”

Motivational Sales Quote #39: If you were strong in the beginning, the end is the easiest part of the meeting.

Motivational Sales Quote #40: Have a script for every single part of selling.

Motivational Sales Quote #41: Create a clear and effective playbook and follow it consistently.

Motivational Sales Quote #42: Your goal is to maximize your return on time invested in prospecting activities.

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Motivational Sales Quote #43: Figure out which activities will maximize your return on time invested; add those activities—and only those activities—to your Prospecting Playbook.

Motivational Sales Quote #44: The majority of salespeople make cold calls to people in the lowest level positions because they feel more comfortable talking to people with little authority.

Motivational Sales Quote #45: Always call as high up as is relevant. Period.

Motivational Sales Quote #46: Follow a script during Cloud Calls.

Motivational Sales Quote #47: I expect my clients to introduce me to everyone they possibly can. So should you.

Motivational Sales Quote #48: If you’re not asking all of your clients for introductions, you’re letting money slip through your hands.

Motivational Sales Quote #49: The more you can sell to the clients you already have, the easier it is to generate sales.

Motivational Sales Quote #50: Current clients are the greatest wasted assets of most salespeople.

Motivational Sales Quote #51: Create a subscription service and offer it to all of your clients.

Motivational Sales Quote #52: It’s time to get away from the old-school mindset of only finding new clients.

Motivational Sales Quote #53: Volunteering in professional organizations can become very time-consuming if not done cautiously. Closely monitor your time invested.

Motivational Sales Quote #54: Don’t get creative when it comes to starting conversations. Stick to what works.

Motivational Sales Quote #55: Connectors enjoy doing what they do best—connecting people. Love these people.

Motivational Sales Quote #56: Speaking to sell is a little work-intensive up front, but once you get going, the rewards are huge.

Motivational Sales Quote #57: Take advantage of the many powerful, low-cost marketing technologies at your disposal.

Motivational Sales Quote #58: Every goal in selling must be personal if it is to be compelling.

Motivational Sales Quote #59: What gets tracked gets done.

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