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Sales Presentation TipsSalespeople typically are super focused on delivering the sales presentation that will knock the socks off of their prospects—a pitch or demo that will hype up prospects into making the purchase of the product or service. However, do prospects really need an embellished, fancy presentation to win them over?

What they truly need is a presentation that addresses their challenges, that relates to what they want to accomplish—one that’s actually a dialogue rather than some flared-up monologue that puts them in a passive role.

Three Sales Presentation Tips for Achieving a Much Higher Closing Ratio

#1. Only present solutions to the challenges that the prospect mentioned. Salespeople love to talk about how great their product or service is to any prospect who is willing to listen. The problem with this is that a particular prospect only needs a certain set of benefits or functionality from your product or service. Prospects, in 99.9% of cases, don’t need everything that you offer.

So instead of presenting everything that you offer, you should understand what the prospect’s key challenges and desires are, and then present solutions that address only those specific challenges and wants.

#2. Share case studies of similar situations and how you solved those challenges. Your prospects will often fit into a few different categories. This means that you can prepare ahead of time some case study presentations that will ultimately relate to whatever type of prospect whom you’re dealing with. Then when it comes time to deliver the presentation, you’ll have some examples or case studies on hand that you can share with the prospects, showing them how you solved those challenges. Your prospects will then be able to better relate to what you’re presenting.

#3. Get feedback throughout the entire presentation. A presentation should never be a one-way monologue where you’re simply talking to the prospect the entire time. Instead, it should be a conversation or a dialogue where you’re sharing some solutions to their challenges … and throughout the conversation you’re getting feedback as to whether this solution actually makes sense for that prospect.

Here are some questions you can toss at your prospects: “Would this solution be helpful for you?” and, “Does this make sense for what you’re looking for?” By asking these questions you’ll receive feedback during the presentation, and this will reveal to you if you’re on the right track. You don’t want to wait till the end of the presentation—when you can’t take corrective action—to learn that you veered off track.

By applying these three simple strategies, you can deliver a world class sales presentation—without the hype, bells and whistles—that will result in a higher percentage of closed sales.

Which of these three tips was most useful to you? Please share below in the comments.

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