I want to make a very strong recommendation for an incredible book that I just recently finished reading. It’s called Radical Relevance by Bill Cates.

Now, I’ve torn through this book—I’ve gone through it from start to finish, and I’ve found it to be such an incredible roadmap for winning what Bill Cates calls “right fit clients.”

It’s all about standing out in today’s crowded, noisy marketplace. Radical Relevance provides tangible strategies—and real, hardcore tactics—for crafting an irresistible message that actually grabs attention.

It’s about reaching more prospects who actually need your value and then moving them to action so they ultimately follow your recommendations.

And it’s about acquiring and retaining those “right fit clients,” empowering you to build a more profitable, fulfilling, and enjoyable business.

Radical Relevance

Bill Cates has put together some incredible bonuses to go with the book, which you can get just by going to his Amazon page.

Amazon Radical Relevance

You’ll get immediate access to the Radical Relevance Toolkit, an online library of high-value resources to help you put the strategies from the book right into your business. You’re also going to get an interactive value prop generator. And lastly, you’ll receive the Radical Relevance Action Guide. 

I don’t get any commission for recommending this book. It’s just an awesome read with some really useful resources.

Seriously, don’t waste any time. Read this book. It’s a great sales tool, and you get so many bonuses just for the cost of the book. So, go ahead and use the ideas in Radical Relevance. I can’t wait to hear about your results.

Amazon Radical Relevance