Have you ever met a salesperson who simply loves to make cold calls? Me neither.

In fact, if someone says they love to make cold calls, chances are that person has never made a cold call. Cold calls are not only painful to make, but they are often also a really inefficient way to prospect.

I’d like to share with you one strategy that can forever replace making cold calls: a prospecting campaign. A prospecting campaign is a way to slowly warm your prospect up to you over the course of time; this way you set yourself up for success when you actually do get through to that prospect in a phone call or email.

The Three Components of a Prospecting Campaign

#1. Create a number of ways to actually reach the prospect. This means putting together a potential package that you could actually mail to the prospect. The package should be in a box because prospects are much more likely to open a box—or even a FedEx envelope, than a small standard envelope.

Think about how you can call and leave voicemails and emails in a way that you can mix in with sending those packages. Finally, send a sales letter, focusing on some of those key challenges and solutions that your prospect might be looking for. By mixing all of these strategies together you start to create the foundation for a prospecting campaign.

#2. Map out your entire campaign. First, leave a voicemail for the prospect informing you’ll be sending a package. Next, send a package full of ideas and potential solutions to the prospect’s challenges. Then, follow up on that package with a phone call; leave a voicemail.

Then you send an email, followed by a letter. The letter has some ideas that the prospect can use to implement into his/her world. Again, this is to separate you from your competitors. Then you follow up on that letter with a call, then an email, then a voicemail. Then, you may send out another package with some more ideas. Follow up on that package with a call, a voicemail and an email.

Once you have mapped out this entire campaign, you’re getting through to the prospect despite the absence of a verbal conversation; the prospect is slowly getting familiar with what you do.

#3. Follow the same exact process each time. When you have identified a prospect, now all you have to do is take the prospect through that same exact campaign process every single time. You may have to customize specific wording to make it appropriate from one industry to the other.

But ultimately you can use this same exact prospecting campaign. This way when you actually do get through to that prospect on the phone or by email you will have significantly warmed that individual up to both you personally and to your solutions.

A prospecting campaign will eliminate the drudgery and anxiety of cold calls and give you more fire to go after prospects.

Have you ever used a prospecting campaign? Please share some of the successes below that you have had in using that prospecting campaign.

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