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Just the other day, I was sitting down with one of my clients and he told me, “You know what I like about your approach, Marc? It’s not just about getting more customers. It’s about making bigger sales to more people, more often.”

Of course, leave it to someone else to explain what I do far more effectively than I ever could. But, he was completely right. When most people think about increasing sales, they focus exclusively on finding more customers, but that’s only one of the components to increasing sales. Here are the areas you should focus on growing:

Bigger Sales: If you can increase the average size of your sale by just a little bit, this can mean massive growth to your bottom line. There are two ways to increase the average transaction size: sell at a higher price and sell more stuff to your client.

More People: Finding more customers doesn’t have to be backbreaking work. There are some simple strategies that you can implement today to find more customers. For example, by systematically asking each client of yours for introductions to other customers just like them, you can grow your customer-base dramatically.

More Often: Increasing the frequency of purchase is often least considered in the sales growth equation. However, if your average customer purchases from you once every 12 months, you can dramatically increase sales simply by getting customers to purchase, on average, once every 10 months. By creating ongoing packages, you can achieve this and turn a transactional customer into a long-term client.

Remember, the goal is to make bigger sales to more people, more often. Don’t be distracted by just one of the components. Rather, build all three aspects in order to explode your sales.

How do you make bigger sales to more people, more often? Please share below in the comments.

Marc Wayshak is author of the book Game Plan Selling and an expert on increasing sale size.

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