“Hey, what do you got? Let’s make this quick!” Does that sound familiar to you? We’ve all had to deal with someone who’s short, curt, and borderline hostile during a selling situation.

These unfriendly prospects are the bane of most salespeople’s existence. But tough prospects are just people and they still need what you sell. In fact, tough prospects can be some of the best prospects out there because they tell you exactly what’s on their mind. As a result, they don’t lead you on at all.

In this video, I’m going to share with you exactly how to close tough customers in sales. Check it out:

How to Close Tough Customers in SalesSo, there you have it. Now you know exactly how to close tough customers in sales. I want to hear from you. Which of these ideas did you find most useful? Be sure to share below in the comments section and I will get to every single comment that I can.