How My Brother Turned One Weak Referral into Six Outstanding Introductions-motivational sales speaker

When your brother is a sales conference speaker, you get pretty sick of hearing about sales techniques. My poor brother has to hear my sales training tips all day long, and he loves to complain about it. But, what he rarely complains about is how they make him a lot of money.

Just the other day, I caught him red-handed using my technique on asking for introductions. This is the conversation I overheard between him and a client.

Client: “We’re excited to work with you again this year. By the way, I wanted to give you the names of a few other organizations you should contact. I know them well and they could really use you. You can tell them I recommended you.”

Now, at this moment, my brother had a choice. He could have just thanked the prospect for the weak “Use-My-Name” referrals, and taken the names. But instead, he did something else that made his sales conference speaker brother very proud.

He replied to the client, “Wow, I really appreciate that. I’m wondering if you might actually be able to help me. Would you be willing to shoot those contacts an email recommending me and directly connecting me with them? I would be so grateful.”

Client: “Of course! I didn’t even think of that. I’ll send them an email right now and Cc you.”

Within 10 minutes of that call, my brother had received a number of emails from his client connecting him with those contacts at the other organizations. The emails talked about how incredible my brother was and how they must talk to him.

A total of six different introductions.

All because my brother was able to turn a very weak referral offer into six outstanding introductions.

How can you do this same thing with your clients or contacts? Please share below.

Written by Marc Wayshak, author of the book   Game Plan Selling. which shares the sales system developed through his sales training in Boston.

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