Four Sales Techniques That Work Every Time

The old-school sales trainers have been teaching the same played-out ideas for over 100 years. The crazy thing is that most of these ideas simply don’t work anymore. In this video, I will show you fool-proof sales techniques that do work today.

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Four Sales Techniques that Work Every Single Time

#1. Connect. Building rapport doesn’t get it done anymore. Prospects are more distrustful of salespeople than ever. We must connect with our prospects.

First, we must make them perceive us as similar to them—so they can feel closer to us. And second, we want to be perceived as someone who truly wants to understand the prospect’s world and situation.

#2. Disqualify. Not all of your prospects will be a good fit for your services or products. I would say at least 50% of the prospects you’ll ever encounter are not a fit. Nevertheless, here you are, trying to persuade them to do business with you—a huge time sink.

Rather than focus the conversation around how great your product or service is, focus on whether your offerings will even be a good fit at all. This will separate you from the competition, establishing you as a complete expert in your prospects’ eyes.

#3. Case study presentation. Most salespeople have been taught to present with lots of enthusiasm, but unfortunately, that’s what everyone is doing. It’s really old—over a hundred years old, in fact.

Instead of all that annoying melodrama, think about how you can present your solution in the form of an actual case study. Give examples of how you solved some of your clients’ challenges in the past, with specific and concrete cases. This way, your presentations will be so much more engaging—leading to many more closed sales.

#4. Have a three-option proposal. No proposal should have just one option, and yet most salespeople present only one solution or option. This limits the sale’s size to what you think your prospect will go for.

The other issue is that this approach gives prospects no other options to choose from, leading to them possibly shopping around your idea.

Four Sales Techniques That Work Every TimeSo instead of just offering one option, offer three, ranging from within your prospect’s budget to well above it. But at the same time that top option should provide high value. In fact, many prospects will take that top option, making the sale much bigger than you ever thought possible.

These four sales techniques will work for you. It’s amazing what just a little tweaking of your approach could result in.

I want to hear from you which of these four ideas benefited you the most. Be sure to share below in the comments section, and I will get to every comment that I possibly can.

Get 25 tips to crush your sales goal. Written by Marc Wayshak, sales strategist & author of the book, "Game Plan Selling."

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