Brian Tracy says of my latest book, Game Plan Selling:

“Marc has written a powerful, practical book that can transform your sales results and give you a real edge in today’s market.”

I want to share with you the first ten of fifty-nine rules from the book.

The First Ten Rules of Game Plan Selling

Rule #1: In the age of the well-informed prospect, information selling is dead.

Rule #2: When you are perceived to be like every other salesperson, the protective walls of the prospect go up.

Rule #3: Times are different in today’s market and salespeople must adapt or die.

Rule #4: Whether or not you sell with a system, prospects will always buy with a system.

Rule #5: Prospects will cheat in order to gain any advantage with salespeople.

Rule #6: Most salespeople will jump at the opportunity to be abused and cheat-ed by the prospect. Don’t let it happen to you.

Rule #7: The solution to winning more sales is painfully simple: Be distinct.

Rule #8: When you’re a high-fee expert, clients treat you infinitely better than when you’re begging to give your information away.

Rule #9: Think of yourself as a doctor, rather than a salesperson.

Rule #10: You don’t want to persuade everyone to buy from you; you want the right people to buy from you.

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Written by Marc Wayshak, America’s coach on Game Plan Selling and a sales trainer in Boston, MA.