Email ProspectingSending emails to prospects has become a critical part of selling in almost every industry. And yet, there is very little information on how to actually conduct this type of prospecting effectively.

Here Are Five Email Prospecting Tips that Always Work

#1. Send emails on the weekends and evenings. The data shows that prospects are more likely to open an email on either a weekend or during the evening. So rather than send your email at 10:00 am on Monday morning, send it instead at 8:00 pm Monday night, or better yet, at 1:00 pm on Saturday.

#2. Use email tracking software like HubSpot Signals or Yesware. Thanks to wonderful new technologies we are now able to know when someone actually opens our email. These simple plugins will allow you to send an email that contains a tracking code to let you know when prospects actually open your email and even whether they click on any of its links.

This information allows you to, first of all, track when the prospect actually opens the email, and secondly, follow up with a phone call after that prospect has opened your email.

#3. Make it personal. So many salespeople try to blast out emails to prospects without spending a little time actually personalizing that email. This is a recipe for instantly getting your emails deleted.

Instead, include some information in the first sentence of the email that shows that you’ve done a little homework on that prospect.

#4. Keep it short. Most prospecting emails are far too long. The goal of an email is not to educate the prospect on every aspect of your product or service, but instead, to simply get a response from the prospect. Most prospecting emails should be only a few sentences at the most. The goal is merely to get the prospect to reply to your email.

#5. Engage with a question. Every email should contain an element that’s geared towards engaging the prospect in a conversation. Your emails should include a question at the end, asking prospects an easy-to-answer question such as, “What is the best address to send this report to?” or, “Which of these challenges makes most sense to you?” Asking a question will prompt the prospect to actually reply to your email.

Employing these five prospecting email tips will generate a dramatic improvement in the effectiveness of your messages. This improvement will be immediate and substantial. Which of these tips was most helpful to you? Please share below in the comments.

Get 25 tips to crush your sales goal. Written by Marc Wayshak, sales strategist & author of the book, "Game Plan Selling."