9 Super-Quick and Easy Closing Sales Tips

Even during unpredictable times, closing the sale is still the single most important thing that we can do as salespeople.

And in order to close sales, we’ve got to make sure that we have a system for consistently closing sales—and that’s why we must follow a process.

Salespeople can’t be willy-nilly, all over the place when it comes to closing deals.

Here, you’ll learn 9 super-quick and easy closing sales tips that can help you put the right process in place. Check it out:


Easy Closing Sales Tips #1: Focus on discovery, not closing.

Easy Closing Sales Tips #1: Focus on discovery, not closing.

The goal is to close the sale. But that doesn’t mean that you have to focus on the close. There’s way too much focus in sales on the actual close—that moment just before the sale is figured out, when we’re closing the deal. By the time you’re at that point in a sales interaction, you either have the sale or you don’t.

Instead, we want to focus on the early part of the sales process—the discovery. This is the phase when we’re learning what’s going on in the prospect’s business. This is one of those easy closing sales tips that might seem counterintuitive. Focus on the discovery part of the sale, not the close.

Closing Sales Tips #2: Show some insight.

Easy Closing Sales Tips #2: Show some insight.

In modern selling, reps are focused far too much on asking questions early on in the sales process. The reality is that you need to demonstrate value before you can start pegging prospects with questions.

Let’s just imagine that you’re a prospect and I’m a salesperson. I say something like, “Hey, would it make sense to get on the phone sometime so I can find out more about your business?” What’s the likelihood that you’re going to say yes to that? Zero? Nobody wants to get on the phone with someone just so they can learn more about their business.

Instead, prospects want insight. That means you have to demonstrate insight early on in the sales process. That way, the prospect is thinking, “Oh, this person’s an expert. You know what? I do want to answer their questions. I do want to get into a conversation with them.”

Easy Closing Sales Tips #3: Get them talking.

Easy Closing Sales Tips #3: Get them talking.

Once you’ve demonstrated some insight, now it’s time to get them talking—to get them to really open up and become emotionally involved in the moment. This means asking questions, finding out what’s going on, and doing whatever else you can to focus completely on them so they’ll open up to you.

This might seem like an obvious easy closing sales tip, but many salespeople talk way too much during sales interactions and don’t do enough to get the prospect to share what’s on their mind.

Quick and Easy Closing Tips #4: Know your questions.

Easy Closing Sales Tips #4: Know your questions.

You should have a consistent cadence of questions that you use with every prospect to take them through a process to determine whether they’re truly qualified or not. This means you must know what those questions are ahead of time.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re a robot that hits prospects with the same exact questions all the time. Of course not. But you should still have a consistent cadence of questions that you can follow that both demonstrate value and get the prospect to reveal what’s actually going on.

Super-Quick Closing Sales Tip #5: Dig, dig, dig.

In between asking your consistent set of questions, you want to dig deeper. Use a set of spontaneous questions to find out what’s really going on. Imagine the prospect says, “Oh yeah, things have been crazy around here lately.” You want to dig into that. How do you dig? You simply say, “Things have been crazy lately, huh? Tell me what’s going on.” Get into the real deal of what’s actually happening. Keep digging.

Closing Tip #6: Be Next Step Obsessed.

Easy Closing Sales Tips #6: Be Next Step Obsessed.

Top sales reps are universally obsessed with scheduling next steps whenever they’re in front of a prospect. They never end an interaction with a prospect without ensuring that they have a clear next step scheduled. This is one of the most important easy closing sales tips out there.

If you’re having a great conversation with a prospect and then you end it with some version of, “Well, why don’t I check in with you sometime next week…” you just messed up, big time. You did not schedule a clear next step.

Be obsessed with scheduling next steps. This is the one time in sales where you actually want to be a little bit pushy if you have to. Be really firm about getting a next step on the calendar.

Super-Quick And Easy Closing Tip #7: Disqualify non-fits.

Disqualify people that are not a fit. This is a pretty big shift for salespeople who have been selling pretty traditionally. Back in the day, the idea that a salesperson could sell anything to anyone was somehow considered valiant or good. But this old-school mentality isn’t relevant anymore. Top-performing salespeople today aren’t just selling anything to anyone. They’re selling the right thing to the right person.

Anyone who’s not a fit is immediately disqualified.

Be willing to disqualify people that are not a fit. Now, this doesn’t mean that if a prospect is a little cranky with you on the phone early on in a conversation that they’re suddenly not a fit. You only want to disqualify people after you’ve determined that they don’t have the budget, or they don’t have the right sets of challenges to be a real fit, or they’re not the right size organization. Disqualify those people, and move on. Focus your time on people that are a fit.

Easy Closing Tips #8: Present only to their challenges.

Easy Closing Sales Tips#8- Present Only To Their Challenges.

I find myself saying this so much lately, but it’s such an important concept in terms of closing sales. Salespeople tend to get excited about what they’re selling. But prospects don’t care about your offering. All they care about is the solution to their challenges. So, only present to those challenges.

If you’re presenting all the bells and whistles, features, and benefits of your product or service, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Only present to the challenges that the prospect has already mentioned. Find out what’s really going on, identify what those challenges are, and then present the solution to those challenges. That’s it—nothing else.

Closing Tips #9: Pause for objections.

Easy Closing Sales Tips #9: Pause for objections.

Objections are inevitable. No matter how strong you are in the sales process, it’s still likely that you’re going to get some objections. Now, if you’ve done a poor job in the sales process, you’re going to get a lot of objections. But even if you’ve done a great job in the sales process, towards the end, you’re probably going to get some objections.

Don’t react. Don’t go on a 5-minute monologue trying to answer every objection. Don’t try to convince them or persuade them that their objection is not valid. Instead, slow it down. Pause. Take a couple of seconds, and then dig into what’s really going on. Be willing to pause when you hear an objection.

Easy Closing Sales TipsThe data shows that top-performing reps are pausing for about four seconds when they hear an objection. (The prospect says an objection….you pause.) Then, a top-performing rep digs into what the prospect is really asking. They try to respond with a question to find out what’s going on. What they’re not doing is launching into a 90-second monologue. That will immediately turn a prospect off.

So there you have it. Now you know 9 super-quick and easy closing sales tips. Which of these ideas did you find most useful? Share your thoughts in the comments section below to join the conversation.

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