Do You Have a Sales Strategy for a New Economy?

Have you found that what worked in sales even five years ago no longer works today? In this video I will share a few must-know strategies for selling in this entirely new economy.

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Three Sales Strategies for a New Economy

#1. Forget features and benefits. Prospects don’t care about your product, service or its features. Quite frankly, all they actually care about are their own issues and objectives. So rather than focus your conversation around all of the bells and whistles that your product or service provides, instead focus on what’s really going on in the prospect’s world.

#2. Consider what has changed in the prospect’s world. Then, use this information to engage your prospects. Come up with a piece of information or an idea that’s dramatically affecting in their world, and then use this to reel them into the conversation.

Don’t just tell them what they want to know or already know, but rather, tell them something they don’t know, that they need to know. This will pull your prospects into engaging with you.

#3. Ask prospects questions that uncover key challenges that they are actually facing. Imagine that I’m talking to a prospect over the phone and I say, “You know, George, a lot of my clients right now are coming to me because they’re worried about increased sales competition; they’re frustrated from getting beaten down on price; or they’re worried that their sales pipeline is simply too small.”

By using a simple approach in which I just lay out a couple of common challenges, I’m basically fishing to see what the prospect is going to latch onto. And if none of those challenges ring true to the prospect, then you’ll realize that perhaps this individual wasn’t qualified in the first place.

So once you have actually asked these kinds of questions, you can then simply dig deep to really understand your prospect. With this approach you’ll stand out from the competition by light years and thus close many more sales, because your competition is essentially only pitching their products and services rather than learning more about their prospects.

Do You Have a Sales Strategy for a New EconomyThose are the three strategies for selling in the new economy. The economy has changed; you must change to set yourself apart.

I want to hear from you regarding which of these three ideas you found most useful. Be sure to share below in the comments section and I will get to as many comments that I possibly can.

And by the way, for more videos on selling in this new economy, click right here and you can get access to more videos just like this, or just go to where you’ll find a bunch of other great resources to help you take your sales to that next level.

Get 25 tips to crush your sales goal. Written by Marc Wayshak, sales strategist & author of the book, "Game Plan Selling."

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