7 Simple Ways to Set More Meetings in Sales

Do you want more sales meetings? Of course you do! More qualified sales meetings mean more sales. And more sales mean more income. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, most salespeople bang their heads against the wall trying to set meetings. Or, even worse, they simply don’t try at all. But I’m here to tell you: There are simple strategies out there that will help you set more sales meetings than ever before.

In this video, I’m going to share 7 incredibly easy ways for you to set more meetings in sales. Check it out:

Sales Meeting Video Summary

7 Simple Ways to Set More Meetings in Sales

Sales Meeting Videos Tip #1: Ask for introductions.

Introductions are all about getting other people to do the heavy lifting. Salespeople can practice this tip from sales meeting videos by simply asking customers, colleagues, and even friends and family for introductions to people they might be able to help. Any salesperson will benefit from pausing to ask, “What have I done today or this week to get more introductions to other potential prospects?” By implementing this tip from sales meeting videos on a consistent basis, salespeople can set far more meetings than they ever have before.

Sales Meeting Videos Tip #2: Organize a sales prospecting campaign.

When it comes to prospecting and identifying cold leads, most salespeople are doing it the hard way; they’re just picking up the phone, then smiling and dialing. That may sound like an easy approach, but there’s a big problem: When a salesperson calls on a prospect who has no idea who they are, the prospect is probably not going to be willing to engage in conversation. That’s why this tip from sales meeting videos is a much better approach. Salespeople can organize a sales prospecting campaign by mapping out their entire process. They may start by sending some direct mail, emails, or an event invite before ultimately picking up the phone and calling on a new prospect. Salespeople who follow this tip from sales meeting videos will find that prospects are more likely to answer the phone, engage in conversation, and ultimately agree to a meeting.

Sales Meeting Videos Tip #3: Host a private event.

Private events are one of the most effective ways for salespeople to bring more prospects into their world and ultimately set those sales meetings. To follow this tip from sales meeting videos, a salesperson should start by renting out an exclusive venue that feels special, then preparing some valuable content to share with attendees. From there, they can invite clients, customers, and prospects—and even invite those people to bring a friend who may find something of value in the event. Although this tip from sales meeting videos may sound like a lot of work, it definitely pays off. People are excited to attend exclusive events, and the salespeople who host them often find it easy to set a large number of meetings in a short period of time.

Sales Meeting Videos Tip #4: Speak to associations and trade groups.

Some salespeople start to squirm when they hear this tip in sales meeting videos. After all, public speaking makes most people really uncomfortable. But those who are willing to give it a try will find that it’s one of the most effective ways to bring new prospects into their funnel. Most salespeople’s ideal customers are already attending association meetings and trade group events. By speaking at those events and demonstrating a bit of expertise on a specific topic that’s useful to the audience, a salesperson can connect with hundreds of ideal prospects at the same time—then set more sales meetings than they know what to do with!

Sales Meeting Videos Tip #5: Create a special report for prospects.

One reason many salespeople have a hard time setting meetings with prospects is that they’re failing to offer anything of real value. When salespeople call or email a prospect, the prospect is thinking, “Okay, this person just wants to take up some of my time with a meeting. I’m not getting anything of value out of this.” To avoid this silent objection, salespeople can follow this tip from sales meeting videos and create a special report for prospects. This doesn’t have to be hard—the salesperson simply has to collect some data based on what’s going on with their customers, then compile it into a short report that demonstrates their bird’s eye view. When salespeople follow this key tip from sales meeting videos, prospects will be far more likely to stop and think, “You know what? Maybe I should give this person a second chance.”

Sales Meeting Videos Tip #6: Conduct a study, then share the data.

Many salespeople who hear this tip in sales meeting videos immediately get overwhelmed and think, “Wait, you’re asking me to conduct a study? With data?” However, this really doesn’t have to be difficult. Sure, there are some studies that take years and require thousands of samples—but there are also legitimate studies with anecdotal evidence and a smaller sample size. Salespeople can follow this tip from sales meeting videos by collecting information throughout the course of their interactions with 20 or so clients. This could be via survey or simply through conversation. The information gathered will be tremendously useful and help establish them as an expert in their sector—making it far easier to set meetings with ideal customers.

Sales Meeting Videos Tip #7: Write an article for trade publications.

This is another one of those tips from sales meeting videos that sounds like more work than it actually is. Salespeople have a unique perspective on what’s really going on in their industry or sector. In just an hour or so, they can turn this insight into a 500-700 word article, have someone proofread it, then submit it to a trade publication at an association where they’d really like to get some traction with the membership. Trade publications are dying for content, so salespeople who follow this tip from sales meeting videos and provide that content will get free advertising and establish themselves as an expert in their field. Potential prospects will begin to view these salespeople as authoritative sources and be far more eager to set up a meeting with them than any random salesperson making cold calls.

So, there you have it. Now you know 7 easy ways to set more meetings in sales. Have you used any of these strategies before? If so, what was the result? I’d love to hear from you. Be sure to share below in the comments section. I’ll respond to as many comments as possible.

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