7 Easy Sales Strategies to Engage Existing Customers

Most of my sales strategies are focused on actually identifying new business, but what about those existing costumers who already know you? You probably have plenty of customers who have, for whatever reason, become disengaged from you—through no fault of your own.

In this video I’m going to share with you seven easy sales strategies to re-engage those existing customers. Check it out!

#1. Call with a purpose. Call an existing customer, but don’t just to check in; bring to the customer some type of an industry insider information, or tell that individual about a new product or service of yours.

#2. Take them to lunch or breakfast. Everybody has to eat. It’s amazing: Offer to take customers/clients to breakfast or lunch and these previously resistant individuals will suddenly bounce back.

#3. Send them a birthday card. I recently sent a professional acquaintance a birthday card. He responded that I was the only person, other than his mother, who had done this. These days with social media it’s easy to find out someone’s birthday.

#4. Send them a relevant article or book by mail with an accompanying handwritten note. All the note need say is, “Hey! John, this article just reminded me of you,” or, “I thought you might really enjoy this book.”

#5. Invite them to an exclusive customer event. Host a private customer event at a local hotel or restaurant; invite your best customers or your top few prospects and share with them some really useful industry insights. Make them feel a part of something that’s special and exclusive.

#6. Ask for referrals and introductions. You can re-engage an existing but dormant client by asking for referrals and introductions. This gets them thinking about all the great outcomes as a result of working with you. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and introductions—not just to get these, but also as a way to re-engage disconnected clients.

#7. Get feedback on what they see is actually changing in their industry. This is an opportunity to gather some of their insight; sometimes our clients have a lot of useful information. Use their feedback as an opportunity to find out what they see is going on in the field.

7 Easy Sales Strategies to Engage Existing CustomersApplying these seven approaches will whip those old clients into shape fast.

Which of these seven ideas did you find most useful? I want to hear from you. Be sure to share below in the comment section, and I will be sure to respond to every single comment.

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