Data-driven sales strategy consulting to create massive sales growth.

Creating a world-class sales organization today requires following a science-based systematic process.

2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.

Marc Wayshak empowers organizations to develop the right sales processes—and to establish a framework of accountability that makes them effective.

Is it time for a data-driven sales strategy consultant at your organization?

Marc helps companies in a wide range of industries develop championship sales teams, primed for success in today's increasingly complex selling world.

There was a time when sales organizations could afford to hedge their bets on lists of cold leads and a team of go-getters. Not so anymore.

Data shows that the hardscrabble approach that often led to sales success in the past simply no longer works.

Today’s market—in every industry—now requires a data-focused sales strategy to be mastered by every member of the team, and rock-solid sales infrastructure to boot.

Marc leverages the industry-leading sales research of his firm, the Sales Insights Lab, together with the most cutting-edge sales tools and technology, to guide his client companies to a minimum 10X return on their investment.

Marc shares his fresh approach to sales strategy as a top contributor for publications including Inc., HubSpot, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post Business, and as the host of his popular sales strategy YouTube channel, which has 145,000+ subscribers and counting.


Marc Wayshak is a sales motivational speaker

"What a great time it was! Not only was he on-spot with the message, but was clear, direct and engaged. We are thrilled with it and highly recommend him!"
-CEO of Interim Healthcare

"It was absolutely fantastic! Everybody got a lot of great information about the sales process out of it. You'd do your group a great service to have him come out and speak to you!"
-VP at Food Processing Suppliers Association

"He really motivated our group and helped them think about overcoming barriers. We've got a very energized group for the remainder of our meeting!"
-GM at a Major Pharma Company

"It was absolutely phenomenal. From the passion he gave to the enthusiasm he brought. I highly recommend him. It was one of the best sales strategy meetings I've ever been a part of."
-EVP at Rouse Properties (NYSE: RSE)

2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.
Marc’s consulting clients run the gamut from small startups to large corporations. Despite their range in size, many of these organizations share the following common sales challenges:
  • There aren’t enough A players on the sales team.

  • Salespeople call low-level buyers with minimal success.

  • A different sales technique is being used by each salesperson.

  • The efforts of the sales team are undercut by low-cost competitors.

  • Salespeople are achieving inconsistent results from their efforts.

Do any of these challenges remind you of your sales team?

If you relate to any of the above issues, schedule a conversation with Marc Wayshak today. During the call you can review your sales concerns in more depth, and discuss your sales objectives. This will help you determine whether a sales strategy consultant is right for your organization.

Marc's central consulting philosophy is that data-informed improvements in just the right places can lead to a massive shift in sales results.


2. Pattern interrupt with contingencies.
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Objectives commonly achieved by Marc's sales strategy consulting clients include:
  • Developing a systematic process for closing sales.

  • Creating prospecting consistency to increase the output of the sales team.

  • Establishing a clear sales management strategy to support the sales team.

  • Rolling out a hiring process that attracts only A players.

  • Refining existing sales processes to accelerate sales growth.

  • Developing specific sales activity metrics for each salesperson.

  • Improving pipeline planning and reporting for the sales team.

  • Implementing sales management systems to lay foundation for a larger sales team.

Key takeaways of this motivational sales program:

  • Tangible strategies to maximize the outcomes of on-the-ground sales efforts.
  • Specific scripts that participants can apply immediately to sales interactions.
  • Step-by-step guide to implementing an easy-to-apply, fool-proof system for selling.

Marc's unique sales training approach includes:

  • Engaging, interactive, and high-energy facilitation.
  • Utilization of play and fun to keep focus and anchor learning.
  • PowerPoint to stimulate all modalities of learning.
  • Role plays throughout so participants learn by doing.
  • Customized real-life scenarios to create context for techniques.

Trusted by 70,000+ Sales Reps and Businesses

Sales Strategy Consulting Customization includes:
  • Conducting calls with a range of sales team members to further understand challenges and identify areas for improvement.
  • Further discussion with management to address the most critical sales issues.
  • Reviewing any relevant data and information on selling and marketing strategies.

"It was phenomenal. The attendees absolutely loved him. You should hear the buzz about this presentation! Book him!"
-Executive Director of FSPA

"He was terrific! He had a great message for the audience, he understood them and we were very impressed. The feedback was immediate and very positive!"
-Managing Director for IDEA EXPO

"It was an amazing experience for our staff. The energy level gave me chills, literally! I have not seen them this excited, motivated and pumped up to go back to their desks and really rock it!"
-Manager at EF Education First

"Very engaging and made it very understandable. It was about taking one or two great ideas away. And that is what we're all about!"
-President/CEO of BCI Burke

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13 Sales Strategy Tips from Marc Wayshak

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As a data-driven sales strategy consultant, Marc Wayshak has enabled organizations around the world to build championship sales teams on the cutting-edge of modern selling, across dozens of industries.

Marc draws from hard-hitting sales research to craft custom science-based sales strategies for each client organization. Then, he implements a rock-solid sales infrastructure that holds every single team member accountable—while crushing their sales goals.

Here are 13 key ideas that guide Marc's approach to sales strategy consulting:

1. Sell to the top.

1. Data is king.Most salespeople waste countless hours on mid-level managers who have neither the power nor the budget to invest in even the most valuable offerings. Successful salespeople, on the other hand, take this powerful sales strategy consultant tip to heart, and only sell to the top—think CEOs and VPs of big organizations. Top-performing salespeople all recognize the value of their time and know that selling to non-decision makers only costs them money in the end.

2. Learn to close big sales.

2. Disqualify, disqualify, disqualify
Over the years as a sales strategy consultant, Marc Wayshak has discovered the key difference between average salespeople and those who are top-earners in their companies and industries—and it’s not the number of sales they’re closing. Instead, successful salespeople are far more concerned with their average sale size than the number of sales they close. It takes hardly any extra work on the part of the salesperson to follow this sales strategy consultant tip and learn to close big sales. But the payoff on a large close can be exponentially greater than that of the average sale.


3. Identify the tasks that make money.

3. Process is non-negotiable.
The tasks salespeople do on a daily basis can be divided into two simple categories: those that make money and those that don’t. Expert sales strategy consultants know that the key to success in sales is identifying which tasks make money, and then only doing those tasks. Once salespeople identify which tasks make money, they should outsource everything else—from customer service to order fulfillment—to someone else’s desk. Only then will they have time to devote to the most important objectives such as prospecting, setting sales meetings, and face-to-face interactions with critical customers.


4. Leverage sales into more opportunities.

4. Prospects can’t harm us.

Here’s what average salespeople do after they close a sale: They pat themselves on the back, text their spouses the good news, and then go on with their day. It’s impossible to become a top-performing salesperson with this bad habit. It’s time to implement the critical sales strategy consultant approach of leveraging each new sale into more opportunities. New customers are valuable sources for introductions to other highly qualified prospects, so salespeople must learn to leverage each customer relationship into an opportunity to close the next sale. Any time a sale is closed or a meeting is held with a satisfied customer, there is a valuable chance to ask for introductions to anyone they know who could benefit from the product or service being sold.


5. Scrap the to-do list.

5. Get scripted.

Old-school sales strategy consultants often teach that a to-do list is the key to staying focused and succeeding in sales. Unfortunately, most salespeople who follow that advice fill their days with tasks that won’t make them any richer. In fact, if salespeople are focused on checking off a list of to-dos, they’re likely neglecting the more important “big picture” outcomes that actually make money. To follow this sales strategy consultant tip, salespeople should replace their to-do list with a list of outcomes they’d like to achieve—like developing new relationships with key prospects, closing larger sales, or renewing existing counts. When salespeople prioritize those above all else, success is sure to follow.

6. Think like a doctor.

6. The hard close is dead.

Salespeople focus on selling their product or service. Doctors focus on understanding and diagnosing a problem. That’s why the most effective sales strategy consultants often remind salespeople to think less like salespeople and more like doctors. Before presenting a solution, salespeople must first take the time to ask thoughtful questions and fully understand the prospect’s key challenges. This sales strategy consultant tip will help salespeople present a solution that truly meets the prospect’s needs and helps them earn respect as an expert in their field.


7. Stop pitching.

7. Ditch the pitch.

Salespeople who are looking for any opportunity to pitch their product or service come across as self-centered. Marc Wayshak has seen this time and time again in his experience as a sales strategy consultant. As soon as a prospect says, “You see, I’m facing this challenge where…” the salesperson quickly interjects, “Oh, we actually have the solution to that challenge!” This mindset tells prospects that the salesperson is focused only on closing the sale rather than truly understanding their deep frustrations. Instead of pitching a product, salespeople should focus on digging into those key challenges and determining if their offering is truly a fit for the prospect’s needs.


8. You don’t need the sale.

8. Solve.

Of course, salespeople need to close sales in order to succeed in sales. But there’s nothing worse than a desperate salesperson who clearly needs to close the sale to pay the bills. Even if they’re in a place where they really do need a sale in order to pay the bills, salespeople should never show it. What’s more, the most successful salespeople out there actually convince themselves that they don’t need the sale—even if they do—and thereby they increase their chances of closing the sale. By changing their mindset, those top-performing salespeople are better prepared to disqualify a bad fit or dig into a qualified prospect’s challenges with confidence. As a result, prospects view them as financially independent experts rather than needy salespeople.

9. Disqualify early.

9. Hyper-personalize everything.

An experienced sales strategy consultant will tell you that at least 50% of the prospects in any given sales pipeline won’t be a good fit. However, many salespeople waste hours trying to close these prospects who either don’t have the budget, aren’t decision makers, or simply don’t have the types of problems their product or service can solve. As a sales strategy consultant, Marc Wayshak teaches his clients how to identify those bad fits early on, in order to disqualify them and move on to prospects who actually need, want, and can afford the solution at hand.

10. Remember the 15% rule.

10. Be relentlessly NSO.
Many salespeople think they’re good listeners—only to work with a sales strategy consultant and discover they’re still talking too much. As a rule, salespeople should never be the one talking for more than 15% of a sales meeting. When it comes to demonstrating expertise, it’s better to show than tell. How can salespeople do this? By asking thoughtful questions, listening carefully to the answers, and seeking to understand the prospect’s key challenges and motivations.


11. Know your personal “why.”

11. Earn the discovery phase.Every salesperson has hard days—days where they’re hung up on, stood up, or rejected. If salespeople aren’t clear on their personal “why,” they’re likely to check out or just go through the motions when the going gets tough. As a sales strategy consultant, Marc Wayshak teaches salespeople how to go deeper than saying, “I sell because I want to be successful.” It’s critical to really dig into the personal factors that will drive them to overcome obstacles and rise to the top. By following this sales strategy consultant tip and knowing their “why,” salespeople will always be motivated to make the next call, show up for the next meeting, and ask for the next introduction.

12. Say “no” to tire kickers and time wasters.

12. Listen more. Talk less.It can be tempting to say “yes” whenever a tire kicker expresses mild interest in a solution or a coworker asks a favor, but successful salespeople learn to say “no” constantly. Anytime salespeople say “yes” to tire kickers and time wasters, they’re automatically saying “no” to the tasks they should be doing instead—tasks that would lead to more sales. Sales strategy consultants love to talk about the importance of time management, because jealously guarding time is the key to success in a world where distractions pop up each and every day.

13. Don’t be afraid of pissing people off.

13. Dig deep. Then keep digging.

When invited to speak as a sales strategy consultant, Marc Wayshak often shares the story of a CEO who actually kicked him out of the office after Marc wasn’t afraid to challenge him. When salespeople are focused on making friends, this kind of interaction can ruin their entire day. Marc, on the other hand, laughed it off and then slept like a baby. Why? Because he understood his job was to challenge his prospects, not make friends. While no sales strategy consultant would advise you to be rude, asking provocative questions and digging into a prospect’s challenges is key to being viewed as an expert and closing more sales.

Now that you’ve learned the top 13 fundamentals of Marc’s sales strategy consulting approach, it’s time to connect with Marc about implementing a data-driven sales strategy at your organization. Fill out the form below to get started!

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