Sales Motivational Speaker – Do Your Salespeople Present as THE Expert?

Sales Motivational Speaker – Who do your prospects look to for advice in their industry? If your sales team is doing everything right, prospects should be looking to your salespeople for their expertise. After all, a prospect only knows the ins and outs of one organization. But salespeople see trends across dozens—or even hundreds—of different companies.

That’s why Marc Wayshak, a top sales motivational speaker, teaches salespeople to be seen as the experts they truly are. If your salespeople aren’t viewed as trusted advisors by their prospects, then they’re coming off as salesy instead of knowledgeable. Fortunately, this can be corrected with a 5 simple tips that your entire team can master, when you bring in Marc Wayshak as the sales motivational speaker at your next keynote event.

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Sales motivational speaker, Marc Wayshak is regular contributor to Inc, HubSpot, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post Business. He serves as sales motivational speaker to audiences around the world over 100 times per year.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #1: Talk less.

Many salespeople think that talking is the best way to demonstrate their expertise and reveal how much they know—but that’s not true. In fact, if your salespeople are talking for more than 15% of a sales meeting, they’re talking too much. In order to be seen as the experts, your salespeople have to start by understanding their prospects’ thoughts, challenges, and motivations. The only way to do that is to ask thoughtful questions, talk less, and listen more.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #2: Focus on finding a fit.

At least 50% of prospects won’t be a good fit for what your salespeople sell. Some won’t have the budget, others won’t be decision makers, and still others simply won’t have the types of problems your offerings are equipped to solve. As a sales motivational speaker, Marc teaches sales teams to go into each sales meeting with the intention of determining whether the prospect is actually a fit for what they have to offer. If they aren’t, your salespeople must disqualify them and move on. This frees up their time to focus on qualified customers, and prospects will view them as experts when they sense their willingness to walk away without a sale.

sales motivational speaker Marc Wayshak

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #3: Don’t be needy.

Salespeople will never be willing to disqualify and walk away if they’re constantly thinking about how much they need the sale. Even if they’re in a place where they truly do need a sale in order to pay the bills, they can never let the prospect know that. Instead, salespeople need to come across as financially independent and not in need of any one customer’s business. This confidence will help them come across as experts in their industry.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #4: Remember that it’s not about you.

One surefire way to come across as salesy is to jump at the first chance to pitch a product or service. Marc sees this all the time as a sales motivational speaker. A prospect will say, “You know, I have this challenge…” and the salesperson immediately responds, “Well, we have the solution to that challenge!” This focus on the pitch tells prospects that the salesperson cares more about the sale than their needs. Instead, your salespeople should focus on really understanding their prospects’ deepest frustrations and finding out if there truly is a fit. Prospects will recognize and appreciate that your salespeople are experts who care more about their prospects’ needs than closing the next sale.

Sales Motivational Speaker Tip #5: Diagnose like a doctor.

When you walk into your doctor’s office with an illness, do they try to sell you on a solution? Of course not. Instead, they ask questions and listen carefully to fully understand the problem before making a diagnosis. Your sales team should try adopting this approach in their next sales meetings. Prospects will view their thoughtful questions and accurate diagnosis as a sign of their expertise, and they’ll be far more likely to buy from them as a result.

These five tips from top sales motivational speaker Marc Wayshak can help any salesperson come across as an expert in the eyes of prospects.

Past audiences reported that this sales motivational speaker helped them:

  • Disqualify “no-fit” prospects early on in the discovery process
  • Spend more time closing deals with ideal prospects
  • Develop a cutting-edge strategy to build more value when they sell
  • Come across as the expert in their field in the eyes of prospects

If you’re still deciding whether Marc is the right sales motivational speaker for your next event, contact Marc directly to talk about his many different offerings for sales teams. Marc’s engaging, high-energy sales motivational speaker programs leave salespeople with actionable takeaways to help bring your next kick-off event, annual conference, or sales training to the next level.

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About the Author Marc Wayshak

Marc is is the best-selling author of three books on sales and leadership, including the highly acclaimed titles Game Plan Selling, The High-Velocity Sales Organization and his forthcoming book, Sales Conversations, Mastered.

Marc is a contributor to Inc, HubSpot, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Huffington Post Business. He also hosts a popular YouTube channel on sales strategy with over 103,000 subscribers.

Marc helps thousands of people his data-driven, science-based approach to selling that utilizes all the best tools available to sales organizations today.

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