Learn how to double your average sale-sizeWhen I first met Judy, my sales strategy client, she was selling her Internet marketing services at a low fee, leaving tons of money on the table.

But the thing is, Judy had a service that provided tremendous value to her clients—and she wasn’t selling it in a way (because she just didn’t know how) that reflected its high value. The result?

Judy was underselling her products and service: selling herself short.

Three Steps that Made Judy Increase Her Average Sales Size

#1. Take the spotlight off of YOURSELF. you are not the star of the show—your potential clients are. Your prospects care about only themselves. Vacating from center stage actually means stop worrying about how great your product/service is, as well as how much you sink into every transaction and client. Make your prospects and clients the star. Find out what they care about, then run with that.

#2. Understand outcomes and results. People aren’t going to buy your product/service; they’re going to buy its outcome and results. Liken this to buying a personal training package. Are you buying the package? No. Are you buying the trainer? No. Are you buying a weight loss of 30 pounds, a flat stomach and a fitter body? YES!

By focusing on the outcome and results, you will strike the emotions of the prospect. When you tap into the emotions, you have the prospect or client in the palm of your hand. So if someone wants to buy your marketing services, they’re not interested in what goes into your marketing services. They’re only tuned into the outcome—for them.

With Judy, we concentrated on how her services would increase sales (outcome) for her clients. This enabled her to sell her services for a much higher fee.

#3. Learn the Delta. Think about what those results mean to your clients or prospects. Take Judy: Often her projects would drive up her clients’ sales by five to 10 times. So if Client B normally made $100,000, then after following Judy’s guidance that client would be making half a million to a million dollars.

That’s a Delta of $400,000 to $900,000. You must know your clients/prospects’ Delta so you can help them articulate what they can accomplish with your service. Once you have this element established, you will be able to get new clients for a much higher fee.

By following these three simple steps, you can dramatically increase your average sale size. Please share which step is most useful to you in the comments.

Get 25 tips to crush your sales goal. Written by Marc Wayshak, sales strategist & author of the book, "Game Plan Selling."